What is internal linking? Interlinking, That ‘s means your one-page link with another page. Internal links help Google and other search engines to crawl around on your pages. Internal links are a net to engage the reader on the blog.

Suppose your some pages have backlink in other sites. That page gets high traffic but others not. If you link other pages of your site with that you will get high traffic on other pages too. It’s called a pipeline flow water one place to another place. It helps you to get more user engagement.

How to start internal linking?

The main of internal linking is the subject of an article have to match with linking or we can say contextually
Relevant. There is no rule for internal linking. You can do as much as you can. Use natural organic keyword for internal linking. It gives a better SEO.

Best tricks SEO

It’s a tricky method to get user busy in your blog. If you wanna be a successful blogger, you need to do internal linking.

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