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November 19, 2019
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November 22, 2019
17 ways to win article writing jobs

Beginner writer always desperate  to get some work but there are very few can do that.  So we try to come up with the ways  that will help. I have been working in this are more than 8 years.  All of the tactics I will share it also implemented  by me.

 Freelance article writing  is not that easy that we think, only it will  easy if we have that skills. At first i suggest you  to write at-least 10 article by yourself, every article   need to be written in 2000 word. If you finished this work you will more confident to work as a freelancer writer.

Let’s move to more deep. As you practice, now there is no barrier to  get article writer job. Now first ask yourself what topic you are best. When you find out that now you finally jump into the deep sea of article writing jobs.

How you find article writing job?

There are many sites which  provide you  buyer . There you find out many type of article writing jobs like

Technical , health, cooking  education, travel etc.  I’m sharing best sites and methods with you  for  get new client .


Fiverr itself a freelancing market place for the freelance writer. Here you get various buyer. They will post job. You have to bid there. If buyer likes that they will higher you.

Advertise writings  on your web site

You built your own site and do some SEO ,marketing of that and promote it in social search engine. In this way also you will get article writing job. It’s up to you how much you impress your buyer and generate income.


Flippa is a recognize site for domain and site selling. There you have to registration first. You have to find out the sites and send mail about your product means article writing.

Social media groups

Social media groups and forums is the most obvious  ways to find out  freelancing jobs. Where clients spent their time you can find jobs there. You can find many clients whom are offering article writing jobs in the social network group.

Join contest

Joining contest is another option for get client. Yes, it’s pretty hard to win on the contest .It’s depend on buyer  opt. Even though if you lose there some of clients convince also moreover you can interact freelancer.

Emailing blog owner (contact agency)

You can collect email from  different source and sent marketing promo.By this way you get most valuable client.

Cold Pitching

Cold pitching its a way to wining a job. At first you need to find specific business to pitch . Linkedin and twitter . You have to ready a well craft design portfolio and send it to the buyer.

Use print publications

Print publication is the most amazing way to  get local jobs. There in market you always get some people whom are searching for freelance writer. You will easily get them.

Online Forums

Join international or local forum. Attract more client by supporting them. If need work free for them and impress them.  Just remember one thing starting is hard but once you success

All thing will be normal to you.

A few good ones include:

  • Freelance UK
  • Reddit
  • Lance Base

Join Newsletters

Newsletters is one of the best thing to get new jobs. This is one most surprising  tactics . You can sign up  your favorite niche. You can mail them identifying their needs.

Blogger Job Boards

Job boards is a  great place to finding freelancing jobs especially when you are just starting out.

  • ProBlogger
  • co


Scotch is a web development  blog site .They are looking for  articles tutorial on  laravel,css,html etc.

They pay $150 per article.

Payment method : Paypal

Code Tuts+

Code tuts+ also a platform for web development tutorial. They accept  front-end and back-end both articles on Ruby rails, php, wordpress ,html5,css3 etc.

They pay $100 – $250 per article .

Payment method : Paypal

Funds of writes

Funds of writes helps article writer earn money by helping others writers. You need to write about online business writings and about unique business idea writings.

They pay $50 per article

Payment method : Paypal

Writers Weekly

They like those articles that are about earn my money by articles. How people can do this? That means there main target is to helps the writers to income by selling  there book , article etc. So if you can write these type of article you can easily do that.

Payment Method:  PayPal

Michelle Pippin 

This are a marketing and business blog.  They particularly interest on media post, tax, productivity secret and many more.

They pay $50 – $150 per accepted piece.

Better human  

People whom like to paid by their writing on self improvement topic this site is for them. All the article here is about human potential and self improvement.

They pay around $500 for articles they accept.

Vector Tuts+ 

Vectore tuts+ is about image design blog. More articles about adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator, adobe in-design , coreldraw etc. They also like particular interest  drawing aricle.

The Change Agent

They  change agent is an site which is working on adult education publication .

They pay $50 for each.                    

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