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60 Online Business Ideas of 2020

The world we know today is far different from what our ancestors used to live in. The stark difference between these times and environment has been possible due to a paradigm shift in the technological developments. This advancement in technology has offered numerous opportunities to those remaining at par with latest developments. Online business, less or more the world of opportunities, is a new way to earn while enjoying full freedom over your work.

This field ripe with huge benefits has been successfully employed by various opportunists in tuning their life to their own styles. Online business is none of the divergent statistics or part of Greek mythology. On contrary, this affords easy and user friendly environment which can be applied as per your own wish and will. Here are few online business ideas which can be started right away sitting in your room that can make you rich & happy within no time. Then, why are you sitting and waiting for some miracle to happen? Success is waving at you just a click away as mentioned below:-

App Development:-

Making a good running smartphone app is one of the best ways of earning a lot of money by just investing your effort. It does not require any investment, instead, by just using little common sense and effort can give optimum results and windfall profits.

Games development:-

Consequent to app development is yet another opportunity offering huge benefits by just applying your own interest to live game development.

Become a Blogger:-

People often prefer using tablet, kindle or smartphone to read the important happenings around the globe. Carry the interests of people to them and make your own money by making your own blogs and giving analysis or creative writing.

Affiliate Marketing:-

Affiliate marketing is about promoting the products that are being sold by any other person or company. It is a great way of earning online money without producing your own product as you get commission for selling the other people’s product.


Opening an online e-commerce store for selling products can be a good option if one has a good knowledge of it. Shopify and Amazon offers the best opportunities for setting up your online store.

Working on Domains:-

With the little or very small investment you may work with the domain i.e. sell or buy domain names. You must have a good idea of what is popular in the terms of domain name in order to ensure your success.

Providing Consultancy on SMNs:-

Bigger firms or companies often hire persons to promote their products or names because they don’t have enough time being busy in running routine affairs. This field just requires a link to bigger company and spending a little time/ effort.

Web Designing:-

You may sell your web designing services to the customers in order to make fair amount of money.


Online purchasing is being viewed as the most developing and profit giving passage for most of the markets e.g Taobao and Amazon. You can use your sense in making your own marketing website or buying shares or giving advertisements.

Sell Your Ideas:-

World is devoid of creative ideas and always welcoming innovations in all fields. The term often said “Change is always good” can be effectively employed by using your brain in giving innovative ideas to different firms/ people.

Graphic Designing:-

As a graphic designer with non-technical skills you may provide the good quality services to the clients and earn money online.

Online Teaching:-

Become an e-teacher or online tutor if you are intelligent enough to make others learn. There are different sites available to carry your good reputation and consequently making you a successful online tutor.

YouTube and You:-

If you have a great speaking ability then this is the right way to earn money online. All you have to do is provide the useful and interesting content to your audience. You may start shooting your first YouTube video by your smartphone camera lens.


Paucity of time may not allow users to view all the written content. Just add audio content to your ideas and increase interest of users. More views of content mean more profit and success in business.

Become a Writer:-

People having a passion for writing may earn a good amount of money by selling their writing services. Writing for others can make you learn as well as earn money. Start writing ebooks or anything like analysis etc and make money.


Search Engine Optimization is widely increasing field and provide the great opportunities for earning online money without making large amount of investments. To improve success rate you need to be skillful in continuously updating the search engine and increasing the viewed content.


Spend your time in writing the promotional or advertising content of products and allow yourself to earn handsome amount of money

Coaching Classes:-

Provide services of your talent in coaching different users in specific areas. Remain updated with latest prevalent trends to earn good shares.

Dealing with Technical Subjects:-

Spend your skills in a definite manner by providing the audiences with requisite technical data related to your field

Form Filling & Resume Writing:-

Online form filling and Resume is the easiest way to earn money by spending some useful time. It doesn’t require special skills to excel and make money.

Virtual Assistance:-

Virtual assistants usually work from their living places and perform the tasks which are generally done by the traditional assistants. Level of expertise and experience can increase the chance of earning money.

Online Linguistic Courses:-

If you have expertise in specific language then you can offer online language learning courses. Make your name and put price as per your level of excellency.

Online Advertisements:-

Major companies/ brands or products can be contacted to make advertisements for them and earn the percentage of profit earned through clicks on your given advertisements via your blog or web page.

Travel Guides:-

Tourists may be requiring guidance to visit unknown places like booking hotels/ buying tickets etc. Offer your services by just sitting in your bedroom

Proofreading of Content:-

Bigger writers or somewhat common written scripts often require proofreading of their written content and hence offer you some amount of money for this service.


If you think you can get the peoples’ attention by capturing and uploading the photographs taken by you then don’t wait for anything. Making millions in this digital field is just waving at your doorstep. Passionate people can earn money easily by selling their photos online. Photos taken randomly in spare time can make thousands of money.

Software development:-

Develop the software individually or as a group or through major names already in the market and make money by selling it.

WordPress Themes:-

With the increase in the demand for having a unique and different wordpress theme by the customers, provides room to those who have ability to create wonderful wordpress themes.

Provide Coaching on Routine Life:-

Lack of interaction with outer world often gives people a shackled frame of mind and they often require mentoring in running routine affairs of life. Give them time, consultation and remedies for daily problems and get your pocket filled.

Developing Ads:-

Ads can be made for different companies etc to help them sell their name or products. This can give you handsome money depending upon your services

Managing Finances:-

Bigger firms or people having huge amounts to deal with, often require some consultancy because of scarcity of time with them. Offer your purposeful services and give them your full support simultaneously purging profits.

Motivational Talks:-

If you think can make a change by online motivational talks and make a name then start it today. You will be hired and paid heavily in time to come.

Transcription for the Spoken:-

Movies with subtitles are often easy to understand. Similarly spoken or audio/ video also requires written explanation and makes it user friendly. You can provide such transcription by using simple language skills.

Selling Products:-

If you have small investment or partnership then you can make your own products and sell them at cheap rates in the beginning. Consequently developing your name/ making brand and putting your price for the name.

Interpreter/ Translator:-

If you have good linguistic skills and can get some good degree / qualification, you can just offer your interpretation skills to the world by putting it online.

Managing SMN for Bigger Users:-

Bigger users often tend to hire users running their blogs/ pages on social media. You can get yourself hired by any of them and make your pocket heavy.

Influencing on SMN:-

SMN is being used as a good influencing tool for users all around the world. If you are able to get your followers increased and earn a name then it can become an earning opportunity for you

Teaching How to Cook:-

We can see different cooking shows being hosted by users of TV channels. You can also choose to teach online cooking and by purposeful usage of your skills, increase your followers and subsequently start ascending the stairs of development.

Promoting Handicrafts:-

If you are good at making some things at your home you can and don’t have access to the outside world, just put it online and make the complete world realize importance of your skills.

Open Online Shops:-

Make your own e-shops where different markets/ brands/ users can offer their products to be bought by people all around the world. You will get the profit on every click.

Free Lancing:-

Become and free lancer and unravel the hidden treasure of this vast field full of dividends at par with your skills.

Research work:-

Degree holders can put their research work online for understudy users and can also offer their services to such students who may be stuck and are just a step away from accomplishing their goal.

Writing Speeches:-

If you are good at writing then apart from writing books/ blogs , you can also offer your services for orators and sell your writting skills.

Writing CVs:-

New/ inexperienced users may require some assistance to fill their CVs which are to be submitted for their upcoming professional careers. You can offer your skills for them without need for any special skills/ degree.

Post your Own Videos:-

If you have a special skill in any field e.g singing/ poetry/ music then make your videos and put them on internet. Increased following will get the attention of major icons in related field and get you paid.

Give Freelancing Courses:-

Being an expert freelancer you can also offer online free lancing courses to teach the new users about putting their efforts in right direction.

Make/ Sell your Own Products:-

If your friends or you have a company that can make a product and has trouble increasing the customer then this platform provides maximum opportunities.

Design some Products for Manufacturers:-

Some manufacturers often give ads for designers to design their new products being launched in the market. You can offer your services and get paid.

Essay Writing:-

Essay writing is a field which is the requirement of all the ages/ fields. Offer your writing skills to students, companies, newsletters etc and get the money in return.

Teaching Basic Computer:-

Computer has become a necessity with latest developments. Teach basic computer skills and earn money online.

Teaching English Grammar:-

Teach English grammar to users all around the world and increase your wealth.

Stock Market Trading:-

A double edge business that can only be used, provided you can afford loss.

Ghost Writing:-

Writing anonymously can also be used to write in others’ names and earning share of money for their name.


Editing of documents as well as photos etc requires less skills but greater dividends.


Earn money by providing formatting services to online users.

Human Resource:-

Services for HR management is an important affair and can be offered to companies that are ready to accept and pay.

Data Entry:-

Start data entry services and get yourself an opportunity to earn money.

eBay and Opportunities:-

e Bay offers huge opportunities to users in the field and can be your source of income in the days to come.

Mentoring & Transfer your Knowledge:-

Provide mentoring and experience/ knowledge to all the users for incorporating such services in their life.

Start/ Promote your Own Brand:-

Take a start, make some product as per your talent, give it a name and start new brand after developing the name.

Online business offers a wide array of benefits with little or no initial investments. The Subtleties involved in the subject only remain due to lack of knowledge and improper ways devised to start the business. With a minimum efforts you can get handful of knowledge to jump into the ocean of free world. Lets start the business of your choosing without any confusion for your career development and ease.

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