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September 19, 2019
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September 21, 2019
73 Free and Paid Blogspot Themes for Bloggers

One tussle most bloggers face is the search for a theme that is best for blogging; there are a lot of free and premium themes available on the web, hence posing a challenge of which theme one should go for. This article however brings you a comprehensive collection of some of the best responsive blogger themes and templates for bloggers. Peruse through and explore your options.

FirstLight – A Responsive Blogspot Blogger Template

Newspaper  Responsive Blogspot

FirstLight brings you powerful features all wrapped up in a really stunning and eye-catching layout. It is designed to be aptly suitable for magazine, newspaper, and blog. The design is also well adapted to search engines standards, hence the template is SEO friendly.


Glossy Mag – News & Magazine Blogger Theme

magazines blogspot template

Simply elegant! Glossy mag offers you a clean and responsive design suitable for a wide spectrum of blogs such as sports magazines, news blogs, food blogs, etc.


SNews – News/Magazine Responsive Blogger Theme

news blogspot theme

This is a responsive blogger template. Get an exclusive chance to customize your blog with this template, from the layout to every widget. It seamlessly integrates with your social media handles.


Areda – Responsive Multipurpose Blogger Template

profesional sites and personal portfolio blogspot theme

Areda is a professional blogger template. It is relatively easy to install and use. Designed following latest trends and employing modern tools. This theme combines elegance and robustness.


Anartisis – News & Magazine Blogger Theme

breaking news blogspot theme

Anartisis is suitable for a variety of niches ranging from politics to fashion, news, business, and so on. It allows you customize your website as it suits your taste. It also incorporates a translation feature to help you localize your blog.


Sevida – Responsive Magazine Blogger Template

Sevida is a premium responsive blogger template. It incorporates a lot of powerful features to help you design a really sturdy website. It also offers you a host of customization options for you to customize your website.


FlatNews – Responsive Magazine Blogger Template

red news blogger theme

FlatNews is just what you need if you are in search of a responsive and professional blogspot template. It is relatively easy to install and use. You also get to design your own homepage and other web pages to suit your taste.


Geek Press – Responsive News & Magazine Blogger Template

responsive blogger theme

This theme incorporates a flat design, it features a responsive layout, adapting to all devices. It is a fast solution to news/magazine blogs.


Grid Spot – Responsive Blogger Template

ai blogger theme

This theme will make you fall in love with the Blogspot platform. It incorporates a responsive and extremely professional design, and a powerful admin layout to help you effectively manage your blog.


Mogtemplates – MogFlat Template for Blogger

floating blogger theme

Mogtemplates integrates a powerful admin panel, along with various options for you to customize your site as it suits you. The design of this template is not only responsive, but also optimal for search engines.


MagOne – Responsive News & Magazine Blogger Template

digital blog theme

You get extra with MagOne, a commenting system allowing your visitors to add comments on a post. It allows you to easily design your site using a drag and drop widget builder.


Infinity – Multipurpose Responsive Blogger Template

PORTFOLIO blogspot theme

Infinity is a professional blogger template, well suited for a wide range of blogs. It features a fully responsive design, allowing your visitors ease of navigation irrespective of the device at hand. It incorporates a lot of other useful features, and is fully customizable.


BMAG – Magazine Responsive Blogger Template

magazine blogger theme

Fully responsive and customizable, BMAG is a blogger template designed for magazines and blogs. The design is really clean, and also SEO friendly. It incorporates a powerful admin panel to aid effective management of your blog.


Adamz – Responsive Blogger Template

iphone new blospot theme

Just the perfect design for your magazine and news blogs, Adamz has a responsive layout, an apt color scheme, and an overall professional outlook. It incorporates about four comment systems, all aimed at providing a platform for your visitors to air their views on a post. It also has a very sturdy admin layout for easy management of your blog.


Dex – Modern Blog/Portfolio Blogger Theme

hill theme

Dex offers you a clean design with an exclusive right to customize your website, from the layouts to the color schemes and theme skins. This blogger template is designed using the latest technologies and tools.


Purez – Responsive Magazine Blogger Template

report theme

Purez is a simple blogger template. It has four comments systems, to enable your customers add their opinions on a feed, moreover, this functionality also helps boost your SEO ranking.


Setiva – Responsive Magazine Blogger Template

Setiva is embellished with a clean, responsive, and retina ready design. It has a very robust admin panel allowing you countless options to customize your website as you see fit. It is also SEO friendly.


Elise Clean Blogger Template

blog theme blogspot free

Elise blogger template is fast and relatively easy to use. Fully packed with all you need for a fashion, photo, news blogs and magazines, among others. It is mobile friendly, SEO ready, and fully customizable. Elise is a free blogger template, but to unlock the whole functionalities, it requires a small cost.


X-Mag Blogger Template

X-Mag is a simple blogger template. The design is clean, modern and fully responsive. The template is designed based on mobile-first paradigm. It is relatively easy to install and use. It is a free blogger template, only that the free version has certain limitations, which you can get rid of with a little token.


Remito Grid Blogger Template

This blogger template has a minimalist design. It looks just great on every device because it is a responsive theme. It is packed full with a load of robust functionalities, and powerful SEO support. It features fast page loads, and a fully customizable layout.


Carolina Personal Blogger Template

For your travel, fashion, lifestyle and food blogs, Carolina is just the template for you. This theme is designed using modern technologies, and features really fast page loads consequently. The documentation is very detailed for ease of installation and use.


The Freelancer Blogger Template

Freelancer theme

This template is apt for freelancers who wish to display their professional profiles and portfolio. The design is fully responsive. It also incorporates a commenting system, giving your users a platform to interact with each other, this commenting system is multi-child, allowing users to reply to a particular comment. The theme is also SEO friendly.


Sora Bank Blogger Template

bank blogger theme

This theme is suitable for banking news blogs and financial magazines. The design is responsive and simple. It is a lite template, hence it features fast page loads.


Flora Hand-crafted Blogger Theme

This is a simple free blogger template, although you cannot get rid of the footer credit unless you go premium. The template is easy to use, clean and fully responsive. It incorporates a lot of features to enable run an amazing blog. The design is especially suitable for female folks who desire to showcase their profile.


WriteUp – Blog, News & Magazine Blogger Template

writer blogspot theme

WriteUp is a responsive blogger template best for magazines and news blogs. It is responsive, and fully optimized for search engines. The loading speed is indeed remarkable, and the documentation is well detailed for easy installation, use and customization.


Newcon News/Magazine Responsive Blogger Template

news blogspot theme

Newcon has a well-structured layout, a fully responsive and retina ready design. The page loading speed of this template is splendid, and the design is additionally optimal for search engines. It also has a powerful admin layout for ease of blog management, and a well written documentation for ease of installation and use.


Beautiful – Best Blogger Template

For your fashion, lifestyle and personal blogs, this theme has all you need for an amazing blogging experience. The design is responsive and minimal, well optimized for search engines. It incorporates a robust admin area with a host of options for blog customization and management.


Sora Ribbon Blogger Template

Sora Ribbon combines elegance and sturdiness in both its free and premium blogger template versions. The template is ideal for magazine, travel, beauty, nature, architecture and photography blog. It features a 100% responsive, minimal and rather simple design.


Antsasia Clean Blogger Template

Antsasia is a blogging solution for a wide spectrum of niches ranging from travel to food, fashion, entertainment and so on. The design is responsive, clean and professional. It is mobile friendly, SEO ready, and remarkably fast.


Lily Fashion Blogger Template

Lily Fashion is a minimalist blogger template featuring a responsive and rather elegant design. The page loading speed of this template is second to none, with an amazing support for SEO. It has a relatively clean and simple layout.


Waverly Personal Blogger Template

This is a personal blogger template. Easy to use with a clean, responsive and ultramodern design. It is packed full with functionalities to give you an amazing blogging experience. A powerful admin layout, and a SEO friendly design.


Sora One Blogger Template

theme sora one

Sora One is carefully designed Blogger template suitable for a host of blogging niches. The design is thoughtfully crafted following the mobile first paradigm to allow your site lap aptly to mobile, and is extensively responsive to larger screens, hence giving your site visitors an overall user friendly experience.


Tech News Blogger Template

Tech News is a free blogger template, going at no charge for a host of features, but requires premium purchase if you wish to get rid of footer credits and unlock some other features. The design is flat, flexible and responsive. The theme is best suitable for technology and news blogs.



Automax Blogger Template

Automax is a complete package; it incorporates all the features you need to run a lifestyle, fashion, personal and professional blog, among others. The design is such as to enhance readability and a friendly user experience.


Blog Coupon Blogger Template

coupon blogspot theme

This template is especially designed to meet the needs of coupon providing blogs. It is loaded with a lot of amazing features and functionalities to give you a most outstanding coupon blogging experience. It has a commenting system, among other standard features.


Bolt Blogger Template

media blogspot theme

Bolt is a professional blogger template with an eye-catching design. The theme is specially design for your business blog. It incorporates a Google map in your contact form, it is responsive and SEO friendly.


Responso Blogger Template

blog theme

Responso is a neat, clean and responsive blogger template, adapting automatically to every device on which your site is open. The theme is unique, elegant and relatively easy to customize. It is also very fast and SEO friendly.


Enfold Blogger Template

red blogspot theme

Enfold is professional blogger template, suitable for your magazines and news blogs. It incorporates a couple of built-in widgets and topnotch features, include fast loading, all to offer you an amazing blogging experience.


Googly Blogger Template

Google blogspot theme

Googly is a simple blogger template, with a fully responsive and eye-catching design. It is well optimized for search engines, and is fully loaded with a lot of features for your business, corporate, personal blogs.


SEO Mag Blogger Template

As the name implies, this is a Search Engine Optimized Blogger template. It employs the latest design trends for its layouts, all pages are optimized for fast loads and the layout is responsive. The theme is suitable for travel, tech, news, food, fashion, sports, health blogs, and so on.


Top Result Blogger Template

best result blogspot theme

As the name implies, this blogger theme offers you the best solution for all kinds of blogs. It has a really beautiful and fully responsive design; it is optimized for search engines, and has remarkable page loading speed.


PureMag Blogger Template

Simplicity and elegance is what PureMag offers you. The design of this theme is fully responsive, adapting to various device screens. The page loading speed is splendid, and the design pattern is well within the standards of SEO.


Fashy Blogger Template

Simple and stylish is the combination that Fashy theme offers you. The theme is flexible, featuring a user friendly design, one that is both responsive and eye-catching. It is one of the fastest loading and most Search Engines Optimized themes present.


Miona Blogger Template

food blogspot theme

This is a free blogger template, offering you a lot of cool stuff at no charge at all. The theme has a touch of class in its minimal design, a responsive layout, with a host of intuitive functionalities for your fashion, travel, beauty blogs, and so on.


A Simple Blog Blogger Template

Nothing says simple and minimal than this blogger template. It features a really elegant and unique design, fast loading pages and an SEO friendly design, among other robust features.


Beauty Blog Blogger Template

beauty blog blogspot

This is a free professional blogger template. It has a classy and simple design, one suitable for fashion and a host of other blog solutions. It has a lot of useful built-in widget and intuitive functionalities to meet all your blogging needs.


Catarin Blogger Template

Catarin is suitable for fashion blogs. It has a minimal, responsive and clean design. It is user-friendly, easy to use and customize. It is well optimized for search engines, and has several intuitive features to offer an amazing blogging experience.  


Dyna Blogger Template

Get simplicity, class, elegance, all in one design with this free professional blogger template, suitable for tech, travel, business, medical, agency and a host of other niches. It has a SEO ready, user friendly design.


Ampere Blogger Template

One remarkable feature about this template is its ultra fast page loading speed. It is also SEO friendly, has a unique and responsive design, and is packed full with a lot of features to make your blogging experience amazing.


Beautiful Blogger Template

For your fashion blogs, this free blogger template has all that you need to succeed. It has a simple design, one that is both unique and responsive, to offer your customers a user friendly experience as well as meet all your blogging needs.


Elegance Beauty Blogger Template

The design of this one is clean, minimal, unique, stylish and responsive. The functionalities it incorporates are as well really robust to meet all your fashion blogging needs. The theme is also suitable for a host of other blog types extensively.


Mercury News Portal Blogger Template

merquery blogspot theme

This blogger template is especially suitable for news and magazines blogs. It gives you all the tools you will need to effectively manage your blog. It is a professional blogger template with focus on drastically cutting down bounce rates and increasing conversions.


Flixible Magazine Responsive Blogger Theme

post theme blogspot

Flixible is a multipurpose blogger template. It allows you full customization of your website to suit your every need. It has a fully responsive design and social sharing functions.


Lex Blogger Template

lex blogspot theme

Lex is a multipurpose template, featuring a stunning professional, clean and ultra modern design. The theme is relatively easy to customize, it is perfectly suited for fashion, travel, food, and lifestyle blogs.


Invasion Blogger Template

admin blogspot theme

This theme is designed for business and company blogs. It incorporates a lot of options to help you customize your website as it suits you. It has an elegant and responsive layout, and loads of robust functionalities.


ProVision Blogger Template

building blogspot theme

This is a stylish template meet for all your business needs. It has a responsive design, is easy to use and customize, and has a lot of intuitive features for an amazing blogging theme.


Elvish Blogger Template

elvish blogspot theme

This template is based on a flat design. It incorporates hoards of options to allow you customize your website as it suits you. It offers better browsing and an overall user friendly experience for all your site visitors.


Gamer – A Gaming Blogger Theme

gamer blogspot theme

This theme is specifically suitable for gaming blogs. It offers you all the essential widgets that you require to set up and manage your game blog. The layout is mobile friendly, the design is responsive and SEO optimized, the theme is also easy to install and use.


Hot Games Gaming Blogger Theme

hot games blogspot

Perfectly designed for games blog, this theme has all you need from an eye-catching design to a host of intuitive functions. This theme is also SEO friendly, mobile ready, and simple.


WpHealth Blogger Template

environment blogspot theme

WpHealth is a 100% responsive blogger template. It is apt for health and fitness blogs. It has social buttons linking your website to social media platforms for increased connectivity with customers.


Combo One Blogger Template

combo blogspot theme

If what you want is a professional blogger template, then Combo One is the theme for you. It displays your feed in an amazing style. It includes a subscription for you to have loyal customers. The loading speed of this template is one to reckon with.


Lyricist Blogger Template

guitar blogspot theme

This article will be incomplete without a theme that is specifically designed to suit the musical niche. Lyricist is a powerful music theme, with a special feature to display song lyrics. It is easy to install, use and manage.


Jordan – Fashion Story Teller Theme

With Jordan, you get a mobile friendly layout, an SEO optimized design, and social media links integrated, among other robust functionalities to give you an amazing blogging experience. It also allows full customization of your website.


Averie Blogger Template

Averie is a fashion blogger template. The outlook is embellished with extreme elegance and simplicity, for easy readability and outstanding aesthetics. It also incorporates several features for a good blog.


Apriezt – Responsive Magazine/News Blogger Theme

multipurpose blogspot theme

Apriezt is a blogger theme with a simple design suitable for news and magazine blogs. It is a professional blogger template, with a host of features, including 4 comment systems, among others.


iSimple Classic Layout Responsive Blogger Template

iSimple offers an amazing pack of beauty, elegance and simplicity. The theme is based on a flat UI design, and a general modern layout. It is suitable for personal and professional blogs. It incorporates a multi child commenting system, among other standard functionalities.


Inspiro Blogger template

Inspiro is a multipurpose blogger ideal for blogs of niches Fashion,Food & Health blog etc. We will provide document ion with the template.


November – Minimal & Responsive Blogger Template

November features a minimal and luxurious design, an exceptional display of your feeds, suitable for all kinds of blogging solutions.  The documentation is well written to make it easy for you to install and use.


Travelista – A Responsive Travel Blogger Template

This is a template for travel bloggers. The design is clean and simple, SEO friendly, and has remarkable page loading speed.  It also has loads of options to ease site customization.


Backpack Clean Blogger Template

This theme features a minimal and neat design, with well-structured responsive layouts. The theme is extremely easy to use and customize, with a lot of features for a unique blog, including fast page loads.


Crusade Photography Blogger Template

photography template

Crusade is a blogger theme with a minimal design, one that is especially suitable for photography blogs. The theme is packed full with a lot of functionalities, including a stunning SEO support, social media links, and a responsive design.


Newsplus Blog Magazine Blogger Template

newspaper blogger theme

If what you seek is a simple and yet powerful blogger templates for magazines and news purpose, then Newsplus is just what you need. Incorporating a host of intuitive functionalities, including a commenting system; and a beautiful minimal design to offer you an amazing blogging experience.



This blogspot theme is totally free. For its minimal design its rocks.


Sora Blogspot theme

Those who want to run android or apple apps download site. This blogger theme is for them.

sora apps blogspot theme


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