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Best 26 Free Android apps For your daily life

We can say for our phone “everything in the little” like hand-sized supercomputers, high definition display and battery of days, but you can’t take their full advantage if you are away from best android apps.

The variety of Android apps is continuously growing. There are apps for almost everything, about more than 1 million apps are available on Google Play Store today! 

It has been 10 years since the Android system was first released by Google and now it’s gone higher than ever, but quantity doesn’t mean quality. You can go as further as you can while searching for some good apps but the list will never end probably. So here are some best android apps and the best android games for 2019.  

Best Social Apps 2019:

You can get in touch with the world through stunning social media trends. However, people have always been looking for some ways to connect with each other, Which is now easily possible with numerous social apps that have ways to make you socially active and happy with family, friends, and with social trends!

‘Tweets’ are now ruling the social media for most. The stack twitter is much good for posting your opinions and thoughts on which the whole world can react.

The most easily accessible app you will ever found to keep yourself entertained as well as connected. Everyone is easy here so you can enjoy here with friends and family or you can see funny memes and gifs.

This app is related to Facebook and used for chatting. You can just enter into with your Facebook account and start with emoji’s, video calling and better notification system. This great app will also work with Snapchat and Instagram soon, so get ready for all in the package.

When it comes to beauty and quality of social apps, Instagram is always hitting hard. It is popular for stories and beauty filters you must try!

It includes a range of different task, you can share short videos “snaps”, do message, live video chatting, epic, and funny face filters and the story option will definitely impress you. It also offers you store your media to private storage so it’s hard not to say about its uniqueness.

Best Android Games 2019:

The best way to entertain yourself and increase your problem-solving skills is to play games. You can get active with improved multitasking ability to make you refresh and happy. The gaming list is too wide, but the below-mentioned games are addictive and comfortable with players.

One of the widely supported and played a game of 2019 is Clash of Clans. Against millions of online players, you can create your own territory and set your rule for friends and foe. You should try it once for getting stuck into it.

PUBG mobile is gone too strong for the year 2018 and still going stunning in early 2019. The variety of maps and team-leading can make you a warrior so be careful, it’s gameplay is highly addicting.

Unleash your speeding spirit and go for the best ever racing game. Fill up your nitro bottles and go for ahead. This all-time favorite game is Eight versions of Asphalt racing games which is showing great performance even after, Asphalt 9: Overdrive is released. 

Choose your favorite team there and be a legend NFL kicker! It’s casual for playing yet very enjoyable. You can pass even hours of playing this game for beating the high scores.

Well versed in old fashion and the award-winning game always fits great to battle with your friends. You can connect it from Facebook and enjoy it with your friends for hours.

To get away from the police inspector, you have to keep jumping, rolling and running. Subway Surfers has many characters to be unlocked and play with. You can set your high score and share it to the game server and be a lifetime runner.

Best Online Stores 2019:

We all don’t want to mess with bazaar and crowd for searching what looks good to us. The online shopping store is a quick and easy option now. You can make your whole kind of shopping done with ease through the mentioned apps. Wide and trusted names are always available and ready for us to be delivered.

Amazon is now ruling the online store industry and is one of the biggest and most trusted selections around. You can probably spend hours there while shopping, it has special discounts and other offers to keep the people interested in it. However, It is best and fast.

It has plenty of stuff for that you can use it. It facilitates customer to customer relationship for being used. Their selling options are good so you should check it out now!

It is popular and mostly used wide for shipping. But be careful with scams and caution provided, you should always meet your seller or buyer at a safe and well-known place. Just go with it and deal with variety.

  • Paypal

While you are using these all online markets, you may need to focus on your balances for purchase. You can check all incoming and outgoing payments for various projects. So PayPal is basically holding your all records including receipts for PayPal debit card purchases and others.

  • Meh Notifier

This app works great with the mobile version and lets you always bought from here. You can use it easily yet effectively.

Recommended Android Apps for 2019:

There are thousands of other excellent apps other than I mentioned above, but here are some apps that we recommend you to install them in your mobile and have a great experience with the Android apps army.

If you are a music lover and can’t stop listening to your favorite song then Google Play Music makes it easy to choose your themed playlists for moods, genres and weekly highlights of new tunes. It can store thousands of your own songs, that are always ready to play with All-access subscription. Start using it now! I really hope you will like it.

Netflix has over 148 million total subscriptions including free trials from the whole world. So you can that such a big audience is only here because they are doing good and working for real entertainment. You can spend hours watching thousands of TV series, movies and much more using Netflix.

You may fall in love with Instagram after using it because of its the environment. You can see your followed friends stories and upload yours for once who follow you. Another cause is that you can meet the celebrities you like and follow them to see what they are doing in their real lives.  

The fun messaging app is free and with multiple options of chatting like, there are bundles of all types of emoji. You can do chatting, voice messaging, video calling and so on with its status feature. Just upload picture or video you like and know what your all saved contacts are thinking about it.

Completely free and most easy to use website is Youtube I would say. It never fails to amaze me with their creative content creators and official music brands. You can just sign up using your Gmail account to enter and start surfing.

Still the most usable and easy to run cloud storage you will ever find. You can upload your file to their servers and take it whenever and where ever you want. It works fast and secured so it’s a must-have for now. You will be attached to it after using it just once because I’m sure you will find it useable and important.

Google has everything you need! Even if you need directions to your place, navigation instructions or just finding something specific then Google Maps app is familiar with your all routes. Just choose your destination and directly reach there.

Zedge has the biggest and chosen collection of wallpapers, backgrounds, text alerts, ringtones and so on. Just install the Zedge app, choose your required things and make your mobile better.

So, You may check all Best Android Apps for 2019, They are selected from a broad list of best apps so you can choose quickly choose from our list and be ready for best ever Android experience.

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