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September 4, 2019
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September 7, 2019
Best Medicine Pharmacy Magento Themes

Do you own a pharmacy? Chances are you are here in search of a suitable theme with which to design your online store. If that is the case then, you are at the right place; we have taken our time to garner together in one place all the best Magento themes most suitable for medical and pharmaceutical stores. These themes are perfectly tailored to meet your needs. Health is the biggest concern of human being, and there is a vast audience online to which you can show your solution to various health problems, save lives and get paid. Employ one of these themes to develop a website for your medical store.

Drugstore Magento Theme

Drug store template

This theme is a great place to start. It offers you 100% responsiveness, that is, your website gets to adapt to whatever device your visitor uses to open it. It also incorporates an online chat functionality with which you can proffer support to your customers in real time. Additionally, Drugstore is also SEO friendly.


Pharmann – Drug Store Magento Theme

Pharmann includes a newsletter popup where you can have your customers enter their email addresses, which you can leverage to use email marketing strategy to get your customers coming back. It also integrates a blog platform for you to give health tips to your customers. And social media options for you to link your website to your social media platforms, and connect with new and already existing customers on those platforms.


First Aid Store Magento Theme

With First Aid theme, you get a website with a very user friendly interface and a spacious layout for easy readability. The theme is 100% responsive, and the well-structured design is optimal for search engines. You can also add the location of your offline store and directions, to enable your customers find you; and social media options for your customers to find you on social media platforms.


Healthy Life Supplements Magento Theme

Nutrition theme

For an online store that sells healthy vitamins and minerals supplements, this theme is most suitable. You get 100% responsiveness with this theme, along with a user friendly interface with easy-to-follow navigation, to give your customers an amazing experience when they navigate your site. The layout is well organized and highly professional. You can offer support to your customers on-the-go with the online chat functionality that this theme incorporates.  


MedicalShop – Pharmacy and Drug Store Magento Responsive Theme

Health care template

MedicalShop offers you a modern and trendy design, one that would definitely be appealing to your customers. It also gives you vast options and administration settings with which you can customize your website as it best suits you. It has a dynamic layout which grants you utter freedom to modify your website design with a single click. It includes a blog functionality for you to post useful health tips to your customers.


Medicine – Responsive Magento Theme

Home medical template

This theme is mostly suitable for medical and pharmaceutical stores. It has a very professional and neat outlook. Plus, you get to customize your webpages so it adjusts to your personal taste. No more sluggish loads with this theme, it has a remarkably fast load speed. This feature makes it very friendly to search engines. You do not have to worry about language differences with this theme, you get support for multiple languages.


Vita Shop – Magento Responsive Theme

Milk vita shop theme

Vita Shop is designed specifically for medicine and drugs store, though it can serve other ecommerce purposes as well. It has a very neat and professional layout, and it offers you the exclusive right to customize your website as you see fit. When you design your website with this theme, it loads fast and tends to rank higher in search engine results.


StarBella – Responsive Magento2 Theme

Multi medicine template

This theme is specifically designed for medical stores and pharmaceuticals, although it can be extended in use for other eCommerce stores. The outlook is really sleek and elegant. It offers you vast options to fully customize your website to adjust to your personal taste. The theme is also 100% responsive. You can also adapt email marketing as a marketing strategy here with the newsletter signup functionality. The design of this theme is well optimized for search engines. It also includes multi-lingual support and cross-browser compatibility.

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