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January 29, 2020
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January 30, 2020
WP Adsense Guard Plugin for safe your adsense account

if you are the owner of a blogger or a website, you probably post every week so that your audience could stay in touch with you. You write amazing posts in your niche for your readers. Whether you write to entertain or educate your audience, your primary focus would be to increase the number of your readers and share your story over the world.

as you focus on increasing your audience, you use the famous Google’s Adsense to earn money. But there is also exist a fear in you that your Adsense account is secured or not. Where generating revenue is important, protecting your Adsense account is also essential. You also search methods, how to protect adsense account from invalid clicks in blogger.

Probably, you don’t want extra hustle to secure your Adsense account, because you already hustling a lot to earn handsome income. Don’t worry at all, because our scripts are the solution you are looking for.

Our scripts provide you the ability to protect Google Adsense Account by offering plagiarism checker, content guidelines checker, and spam checker. Now you can increase monthly earning to your expected level by manually blocking bad bots which click on Ads, detecting ad blocker, and fraud (invalid) clicks protection. Our scripts also provide you with ad blocker detection that hide content until visitor disable adblock or show popup message or redirect him to custom URL.

Checkout our amazing plugins and get on affordable prices. Protect you Google Adsense and increase your earnings.

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