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March 15, 2019
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March 22, 2019
How to track your own site post that google index or not?

We always in a tension of Google index our site or not. No more need to worry about it. I will bring a solution for you.

Start out mission :

  • First go to this link.
  • Type on the text box site: (your desire site you want to track).
  • Click one the show option button and set it according to your need.My suggestion is select form the drop down How often ( As it happens).Then from the How many select this one (All result).
  • Type your mail address on the (Deliver to) portion.
  • Press create alert menu.
  • Now all new post whatever google index its notify to your mail.
  • If you want to understand it more then see the video and subscribe my darpanit channel.
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