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Social media platforms these days are on everyone’s cell phone and on gadgets you name it. Instant messaging apps are highly popular among everyone but when it comes to youngsters they are highly obsessed with social media platforms.

Young kids and teens these days are using it for several types of activities in terms of text messages, text conversations, shared media photos, videos and last but not the least Voice messages. All these types of activities of children on social media normally seem very entertaining, tool of spending quality time with friends online and last but not the least free communication services.

However, at the same time, all these types of communication tools can out your teens into real trouble. Because protection is necessary no matter what if social media communication services and you allow the entire world to get access to your personal doorstep and talk with your child without permission.

Social media apps are exactly doing this especially when your kids and teens don’t bother to set privacy on social media activities. Let’s get to know what activities you need to perform in order to monitor social media activities.

Install phone monitoring software to spy on social media

Let’s get to know that you have to use your cell phone or computer browser connected to the internet. Now you should visit the cell phone monitoring app official website. Once you are on it then you need to subscribe for mobile phone surveillance software. In return, you will receive credentials such as password and ID.

Now take your target device into the physical possession and the start the process of installation. Moreover, when you have completed the installation process then you need to activate it on the target device. However, before you end up with the activation you will see an instant message on the target cell phone screen.

It can help you out hiding the monitoring activities on the target device or you can skip the message on the screen and end up with the activation. In addition, you can use pass code and ID and get access to the online control panel of the cell phone tracking app. Moreover, you can visit plenty of tools that empower you to get access to social media activities happens on the target cell phone device.

 Let’s get to know about the tools that empower you to monitor social media activities of children with best mobile phone monitoring app.

Use Mobile phone spy app to monitor social media activities of children

Live screen recording

The end user can track the cell phone screen remotely by using a live screen recording app to detect social media activities in real –time. You can simply make back to back short videos of the screen and further access to the online control panel of the mobile phone surveillance app to watch the real-time recorded videos. However, you can make a short video of chrome, YouTube, social media apps activities such as text messages, text conversations, and shared media.

Social Media messenger spy app

The end user can easily monitor social media messenger’s activities on the target device of your children with social media monitoring app. It empowers you to get the logs in terms of chat, messages, shared photos, videos, and Voice messages.


The end user can remotely capture screenshots of social media activities happen on the target device screen. However, you can get access to the online control panel and further you need to tap on screenshots and you can also set multiple intervals to capture a number of screenshots at once to monitor social media activities of your children.

Keystrokes logging

You can use keystrokes logging app that empowers you to get all the keystrokes applied on the target device in terms of password keystrokes, SMS keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, and email keystrokes.


The mobile phone tracking app is one of the best tools to keep a secret eye on kid’s social media activities to the fullest.

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