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October 22, 2019
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October 25, 2019
NGO and Bank script for the business man

It is an era of technology. Almost every aspect of life is affected by this modernization and technology. Banking system is not an exception. Everything is changing and everyone is adopting the technology according to their own needs and requirements day by day. To manage account transfer, account statements, branches, auto deposit and many more banking operations you will need a digital banking system. In fact, it has become the core element of your business and take it to unprecedented level. It has made things much easier than before. You can choose best script that suits you to make your life easier.

Multipurpose NGO – Loan, Deposit & Interest Management

NGO script

NGO is a web-based application developed in PHP & MySQL for multiple purposes. It is an amazing platform which is used to manage loans, deposits & interests securely. NGO is one of the best applications for precise management and utilization of microcredit, microfinance, insurance, deposit scheme, installment-based loan and much more. its design is user-friendly, fully responsive and simple to use. It has many unique features like perfectly staff access, full transaction, billing system, perfect management of loads and deposits.


iBanking – Online Banking System

banking script

iBanking is an online PHP script which is developed by using Laravel framework. It is beautiful, fast and powerful. iBanking has many unique features like account transfer, account statements, branches, auto deposit and many more. it is so easy to install that you can even do it with one-click installer that helps you to install this system within 5 minutes without any previous technical knowledge.


OIObank – Online Banking with DPS & Loan

banking application

OIO is a whole banking system which contains Investment DPS & Loan management system. It is developed by using Laravel Framework. It is beautiful, fast and powerful that helps you to look more professional and authoritative. It has many unique features like complete user management, DPS, Load, Branches, account statements, credit/debit facilities and many more. it is easy to install with the help of an installer that take maximum 5 minutes to do it. You don’t need technical knowledge to manage it. It is also easy to customize. If you have Cpanel based hosting then you can also get an offer of free installation facility.


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