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January 29, 2020
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January 29, 2020
Now earn unlimited money from Facebook

Like YouTube, we can now earn unlimited money by uploading videos to our Facebook pages. Not long ago, Facebook officially launched the new “video monetization” service.

Facebook video monetization

In this, everyone can also earn money by creating a Facebook page of his own, uploading videos to it and advertising. At the same time, it has become the most profitable and easy way to earn money from Facebook.

On our own channel, YouTube was previously the only way for us to earn money by uploading videos. But, Facebook stands out to us as a new or lucrative way to make money by uploading videos.

This new method of earning on Facebook is called, “Facebook video monetization and ad breaks”. There are some rules or qualifications for ad breaks or video monetization that you can use to earn money from Facebook.

What are Facebook ads breaks?

According to Facebook itself, these ads breaks are a service or a means by which you can place ads or ads on videos uploaded to your Facebook page. You can earn money when people view or click on these ads.

Ads  are shown on the video as usual, and you can adjust it any location to watch it on video.

All the same as YouTube?

But hey, Facebook’s ads break or video monetization service allows you to earn money by simply uploading videos to your Facebook pages. Videos uploaded to your Facebook profile will not be used.

Facebook ad breaks eligibility (eligibility)

Facebook ads are new now and you will need some qualifications to use this service. Therefore, anyone cannot earn money from Facebook page using ads break. But hey, it’s not as difficult rules of ads breaks.

Ads breaks eligibility rules.Follow Facebook ads break rules:

  • You must have a Facebook page of your own. Because, as I said before, you can only place ads for ads breaks on video uploaded to the page and then earn income from it. Ads breaks will not work on your Facebook profile.
  • Your Facebook page should have 10k likes or followers.
  • Your page does not contain content, videos or images that have been uploaded without following the “Facebook policy”. There should be family friendly content or videos that anyone can watch. It is important for you to comply with the monetization eligibility standards.
  • Facebook pages must support the country and language. Fortunately, most Asian countries and their languages, such as India, Bangladesh, are more advanced that Facebook supports these ads breaks. And, support for Hindi, Tamil, Bengali and many other languages ​​is on ads breaks. You can see your country and language by going to the Ads break country and language availability list.
  • You must be 18th year older or more than that.
  • The total number of videos you have on your page in the last 60 days should be 30k views. And, the views on that video should be at least 3 minutes. Beyond that, all your videos must be at least 3 minutes long. 3 minutes short videos will not be added for ads breaks and you will not be able to monetize them using ads.
  • If your Facebook page is able to comply with all the above rules and qualifications, then ads can be used on your page and you can start earning money online.

Is your Facebook page eligible for ads breaks?

If you don’t have a Facebook page yet, and you want to earn money from the Facebook page, create a Facebook page now. And, after that, upload the video to your page as a qualification (if eligible) and earn money through ads breaks.

And, if you already have a Facebook page, and you want to see the eligibility of your page, please visit the link below.

Check Facebook Page Eligibility For Ads Breaks

You need to login to your own Facebook account by going to the link above if you are not already logged in to Facebook. After that you can see the following pages in your Facebook account.

And, you can also see below, which pages are eligible for ads breaks or video monetization.

In addition, if the pages are not eligible or eligible to earn money, then you can see why and if the pages will be eligible for ads breaks video monetization.

Check page eligibility for ads breaks:

As you can see in the picture above. Facebook has shown why my page is not written underneath and the page below is not eligible.

Green is marked with the option of country availability and eligibility standards. That means my pages are eligible on both sides.

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