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April 6, 2020
International WhatsApp group links
April 6, 2020
Physics WhatsApp groups 2020

Some people think physics is most difficult to understand most students want to get rid of.Honestly, physics is the most interesting subject of science. The main subject of physics is energy and motion,in the form of machines, light , electricity, and everything that’s around some WhatsApp group the theories of physics teaching interestingly.we are sharing some of WhatsApp group links.

1) World of physics:

2) General physics:

3) Theory of physics:

4) Physics solution:

5) Department of physics:

6) Quantum physics:

7) Quantum mechanics:

8) StudyShala:

9) Physics discussion:

10) Solution physics:

11) Cosmic physics:

12) Csir physics June:

13) Basic physics:

14) Numerical of physics:

15) Graphical physics:

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