Blood donors groups in India and other country
April 3, 2020
Funny videos groups for the fun lover
April 3, 2020
Quotation groups for India and Pakistan people

Quotes are the spoken words of someone speakers.These words are the result of the experience of life. A big and deep lesson word hides in a small group of text.WhatsApp has several groups for quotations. We collect some WhatsApp groups of all types of quotations.The links of groups are:

1) Strictly quotes:

2) Time quotes:

3) Love quotes:

4) Thoughts of the day:

5) The bulk of quotes:

6) Peace comes:

7) World safe quotes:

8) Quotes of the good life:

9) The creativity of Quotes:

10) Safe India:

11) Think good have good:

12) A way for human:

13) Friendship quotes:

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