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Some of the best car and automotive WordPress themes

Well, today’s modern world completely depends on technology and technology makes our everyday life easier in several aspects. It helps us communicate with others in a very short time and stay connected as long as we need it. So, if we consider, cars and automotive vehicles – which is one of the basic need of today’s world.

But, you need to know about cars before you get one or at least you should get some points including features, colors and way of purchasing one from somewhere and many more.

In this point, a website is mandatory for nowadays. This is not the era, where you go to the shop or showroom to choose a car for you. So, to expand your business or get connected with your clients and customers, to meet their satisfaction you need to launch a website and you can choose the WordPress theme for a specific type of website.

Here, I’m suggesting, some of the best car and automotive WordPress themes for your need. If you are a web developer or designer, enthused with cars or related to car business and owner of a car showroom, work as a car dealer or just building a vehicle listing website then this article may help you in some manner and by using a WordPress theme you can enhance your business and stay touch with your clients through it!

Let’s proceed to our today’s topic, some of the best car and automotive WordPress themes 2019.


best car and automotive WordPress themes

Motors is an ingenious and responsive WordPress theme which can be used for automotive and car listing site. It is compatible with the recent WordPress version and has an up-to-date collection of useful plugins to enrich your website features and run the site smoothly in all kind of browsers.

This theme has more than 10 amazing premade demos and many more very effective features which are going to meet all your necessities. You can choose Motors WordPress theme for the car dealership, directory & listings cars, car repair or mechanics service, car rental, boat dealership business, car magazine & motorcycle dealership etc. and you will be very satisfied with its unique ways and a long list of features.

Actually, it’s beyond my capacity to describe, how this Motors WordPress theme can help you establish your automotive business but I can assure you that, by using this WordPress theme to your website, you can take your website into a new dimension.

Just follow the link and you will get your answers, why I’m suggesting it and why is it in top of my list?



If you are in car business or in automobile industry, you might want to build classy website to attract your clients and customers.

Well, in this regard, Kalium is the automotive WordPress theme you should consider. It helps you to build a car dealership website with all the necessities and extensions to appear on the web like a pro. And it will take your very little time to get your page all set up and ready for the launch.

First, it is the enviable demo for the car industry that Kalium has part of the bundle. From the home page to other internal sections for cars, services, about, news and contact, Kalium has it all organized for you.

Second, the customization capabilities. It is no secret that Kalium is fully modifiable, prepared for any tweaks you would like to perform.

Last but not least, Kalium follows all the latest web and tech regulations to make your outcome run seamlessly no matter what. It does not matter what device they use and what browser is their favorite to surf the web with, Kalium appears in the same professional manner all the time that means it is completely responsive and user friendly and can bring more visitors and potential clients to your website. 


Auto Pro

automobile wordpress theme

AutoPro is such kind of premium WordPress theme which is focused on cars and automobiles only. It serves all car agencies, repair stores, dealerships and more. It comes with a clean code and full documentation.

AutoPro emphasizes on sales and vehicle related service providing. Thus, it is compatible with WooCommerce and Contact Form 7. Shops include a quick preview and specs sections.

AutoPro is completely responsive theme based on Bootstrap. With the help of this theme any kind of customization is quit an easier thing. No previous coding skills are required!So, if you would like to choose AutoPro for your business to grow, I can assure you that, you will not regret.

To know more about its features and get the demos, please check the below URL.     



Mekanik is an interesting and modern automotive WordPress theme made for car mechanics, car painting, car repair and so forth. It’s completely responsive and simple to modify. It has interesting plan which stays aware of website composition patterns.

Mekanik theme can likewise be utilized for car washing or car cleaning business. It is based on Bootstrap 4.x and well documented theme. It is extremely easy to setup and have friendly 24/7 customer support with a lot of interesting feature including one click demo setup, powerful page and post meta options, custom widgets, revolution slider, a rich number of color stacks and many more. And, most of all this theme has a powerful, easy to use admin panel and theme options.

So, if you want to build a website for car related business, then Mekanik must be a good choice.

To get to know more about, Mekanik,


Auto Showroom

Motor cycle theme

Well, Auto Showroom is such kind of WordPress theme which is specifically built for creating websites for car dealership business and other vehicle showrooms.

So, if you want to sell, buy or lease vehicle via website then this theme might be a good option for you. It has a clean, minimal and modern design which can be very attractive to end users to follow the site.

Like, other top quality theme, it also consists a wide range of useful features but I am not going to discuss about it here. But I can assure you, according to its satisfactory clients, it’s a great theme and excellent customer service. So, if you got any issue using this theme, developer team will help you in a short time.

For more information or to know its features follow the below URL.


Autozone – Automotive Car Dealer

bike theme for wordpress

Autozone is current, advantageous and exceedingly considered automotive WordPress theme with the captivating plan. It’s exceedingly prescribed for vehicle booking and car vendors as it can change their sites and pull in considerably more customers.

Autozone gives clients the capacity to put different advertisements on the site in a fast and compelling way. This is to a great extent because of subject Autodealer choices and premium modules Page manufacturer and Revolution slider which incredibly disentangle the working procedure. You can undoubtedly interpret and utilize various dialects with free modules WP Multilang.


Well, that’s enough for today. In this article, I enlisted only some of the very best automotive or car related WordPress themes which may be handy and create a positive impact on your website. So, if you want to launch a website for your car showroom or car dealer business, then you may try one of the themes from the list and hopefully, you will be benefited in several ways.

Thanks for reading the article. I’ll be back soon with some new subject, till then stay healthy and happy!

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