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March 5, 2020
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Top Universities in Belize

Belize, a nation on Eastern Coast of Central America, is best known for scuba sites as well as for cats, wild animals etc. But, it also has prestigious institutes. If we talk about quality educational institutions, then North America is one of the best places for getting higher level education. There are various locations in North America which offers quality education. Belize, country of North America, comprises of great education institutes. Its border spreads with eight other American nations. It has private and government departments and each department is working properly. It has some universities that are present in top Universities ranking by QS.

University of Belize and Galen University is two of the eight top universities in Belize. Along with these, other universities are also providing excellent environment to students. These universities have different clubs and societies in addition to working environment. These universities also offer special scholarships to international students which allow them to join these prestigious institutions and show their skills. University of Belize is one of the oldest universities in Belize. In short, these universities are giving platform to different undergraduate and postgraduate scholars to contribute their part towards science and innovation. As a result, technical skills of the people can be enhanced which allows them to work properly in their respective fields. The details of some universities are given below.

Top Universities in Belize

University Name

Contact Details

University of Belize

Address: Hummingbird Ave, Belmopan, Belize

Phone: +501 822-3680

Galen University

Address: Western Hwy, Belize

Phone:  +501 824-3226

St. John’s College Belize

Address: Landivar Campus, Princess Margaret Dr, Belize City, Belize

Phone:  +501 223-3732

 Corozal Junior College

Address: Joseito Layout, Corozal, Belize

Phone:   +501 422-3062

Muffles Junior College

Address: Orange Walk-San Estevan Road, Belize

Phone: +501 322-1016

Belize Adventist Junior College

Address: Calcutta, Belize

Phone: 1999

Independence Junior College

Address: Independence Rd, Independence and Mango Creek, Belize

Phone: +501 523-2566

Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College

Address: San Roman, Belize

Phone: +501 423-3132

University of the West Indies

Address:  Mona, Kingston, Jamaica

Phone: +1 876-927-1660


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