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March 6, 2020
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March 7, 2020
Top Universities in Chile

Chile, a country in South America, is famous for mountains, lakes, street foods etc. There are various locations in South America which offers quality education. Chile, country of South America, comprises of great education institutes. Its border spreads with other American nations. It has private and government departments and each department is working properly. It has 20 universities that are present in top Universities ranking by QS.

University of Chile and USACH are two of the 20 top universities in Chile. Along with these, other six are also providing excellent environment to students. These universities have different clubs and societies in addition to working environment. These universities also offer special scholarships to international students which allow them to join these prestigious institutions and show their skills. University of Chile is one of the oldest universities in Chile. In short, these universities are giving platform to different undergraduate and postgraduate scholars to contribute their part towards science and innovation. As a result, technical skills of the people can be enhanced which allows them to work properly in their respective fields. This is one of the great universities of South America. The detail of universities is given below.

University Name

Contact Details

University of Chile


Address: Av Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins 1058, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Phone: +56 2 2978 2000

 Pontifical Catholic University of Chile


Address: Av Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins 340, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Phone:  +56 2 2354 4000



Address: Av Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins, Estación Central, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Phone: +56 2 2718 1000

Universidad Austral de Chile


Address: Independencia 631, Valdivia, Los Ríos, Chile

Phone: +56 63 2 29 37 09

Federico Santa María Technical University


Address: Av. España 1680, Valparaíso, Chile

Phone: +56 32 265 4000

Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso


Address:  Brasil 2950, Valparaíso, Chile

Phone: +56 32 227 3000

Diego Portales University


Address: Vergara 210, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Phone: +56 2 2676 2000

University of Concepción


Address: Concepción, Bio Bio, Chile

Phone:  +56 41 220 4000

Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez


Address:  Diagonal Las Torres 2640, Santiago, Peñalolén, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Phone: +56 2 2331 1000

Universidad de los Andes


Address: Monseñor Álvaro del Portillo 12455, Santiago, Las Condes, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Phone: +56 2 2618 1000

University of La Frontera


Address: Francisco Salazar 1145, Temuco, Araucanía, Chile

Phone: +56 45 232 5000

Central University of Chile


Address: Toesca 1783, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Phone: +56 2 2582 6001

Universidad de Valparaíso


Address: Blanco 951, Valparaíso, Chile

Phone: +56 32 250 7000

University of Talca


Address:  Talca, Maule, Chile

Phone: +56 71 220 0200

University of the Bío Bío


Address: Avda. Collao 1202 Casilla 5-C, Concepción, Bío Bío, Chile

Phone:  +56 41 311 1200

Autonomous University of Chile


Address: Av. Pedro de Valdivia 425, Providencia, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Phone: +56 2 2303 6000

Universidad Católica del Norte


Address: Av. Angamos 0610, Antofagasta, Chile

Phone: +56 55 235 5000

Educación Virtual – Universidad Alberto Hurtado 


Address:  Av Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins 1869, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Phone:  +56 2 2692 0200

Arturo Prat University


Address: Av. Arturo Prat Chacón 2120, Iquique, Tarapacá, Chile

Phone: +56 57 252 6000

Universidad del Desarrollo


Address:  Ainavillo 456, Concepción, Bío Bío, Chile

Phone: http://www.udd.cl/

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