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Top universities in estonia for computer science

Estonia, a country in the North Europe, is a land of various prestigious institutes. Like other countries in Europe, it also offers international students various scholarships so that they may complete their undergraduate studies in these institutions. Students of Estonia are taught with many language courses including Irish language and then they are given tests in which they are evaluated on the basis of their skills. In past, number of students in Estonia universities were less but with the passage of time strength of number of students in universities has increased which shows the attention of Estonia people towards studies.

According to the latest QS Rankings of universities, 8 universities of Estonia are included in the top ranked list. These universities include University of Tartu, Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn University etc. All of these universities offer students to complete their under and post graduate courses in the field of engineering, medical and other natural sciences. Groups and societies play an important role in the development of the student’s character. Along this, sports, games and other facilities are also provided to students which help them to boost up and to perform their duties well. The contact details are given below.

universities in estonia for computer science

University Name

Contact Details

Tallinn University of Technology


Address: Ehitajate tee 5, 12616 Tallinn, Estonia

Telephone: +372 620 2002

University of Tartu


Address: Ülikooli 18, 50090 Tartu, Estonia

Telephone: +372 737 5100

Tallinn University


Address: Narva maantee 25, 10120 Tallinn, Estonia

Telephone: +372 640 9101

Eesti Kunstiakadeemia


Address: Põhja puiestee 7, 10412 Tallinn, Estonia

Telephone: +372 626 7301

Estonian University of Life Sciences


Address: Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwaldi 1a, 51014 Tartu, Estonia

Telephone: +372 731 3001

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre


Address: Rävala puiestee 16, 10141 Tallinn, Estonia

Telephone: +372 667 5700

Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences


Address: Tallinn, Estonia

Telephone: +372 610 1900

Tartu Health Care College


Address: Nooruse 5, 50411 Tartu, Estonia

Telephone:  +372 737 0200

Estonian Information Technology College


Address: Raja 4, 12616 Tallinn, Estonia

Telephone: +372 628 5800

Estonian Academy of Security Sciences


Address: Kase 61, 12012 Tallinn, Estonia

Telephone: +372 612 6800

Tallinn University of Applied Sciences


Address: Pärnu mnt 62, 10135 Tallinn, Estonia

Telephone: +372 666 4500

Tartu Art College


Address: Tähe 38b, 50103 Tartu, Estonia

Telephone: +372 730 9822



Address: Tondi 55, 11316 Tallinn, Estonia

Telephone: +372 611 5801

Institute of Theology of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church


Address: Pühavaimu 6, 10123 Tallinn, Estonia

Telephone: +372 611 7400

Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School of Tallinn University


Address: Narva maantee 27, 10120 Tallinn, Estonia

Telephone: +372 619 9900

Estonian Military Academy


Address: Riia 12, 51013 Tartu, Estonia

Telephone: +372 717 6110

Estonian Maritime Academy


Address: Kopli 101, 11712 Tallinn, Estonia

Telephone: +372 613 5500

Narva College of the University of Tartu


Address: Raekoja plats 2, 20307 Narva, Estonia

Telephone: +372 740 1900

Tallinn Law School


Address: Akadeemia tee 3, 12611 Tallinn, Estonia

Telephone: +372 620 2430

Estonian Aviation Academy


Address: Lennu 40, Reola, 61707 Tartu maakond, Estonia

Telephone: +372 744 8100

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