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March 10, 2020
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Top Universities in Jordan

 Jordan is an Arab nation. It is known in the world due to ancient monuments,     natural reserves etc. The countries of Asia have their own characteristics in terms of education, culture and dressing etc. But, all of the countries are well developed and educated and have various educational institutes for their students to get higher education and serve their country. Many of the students from Europe or America came to Asian countries to get higher education because these countries provide very comfortable financial requirements and better environment. Besides this, these country’s universities also provide undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships. Jordan is one of these countries and according to latest ranking of universities many of the Jordan universities are top ranked.

 University of Jordan and Jordan University of Science and Technology is two of the top universities in Jordan. Along with these, others are also providing excellent environment to students. These universities have different clubs and societies in addition to working environment. These universities also offer special scholarships to international students which allow them to join these prestigious institutions and show their skills. Universities of Jordan provide quality and practical education. In short, these universities are giving platform to different undergraduate and postgraduate scholars to contribute their part towards science and innovation.


University Name

Contact Details

The University of Jordan

Address: The University of Jordan, Queen Rania str.، Amman, Jordan

Phone: +962 6 535 5000

Jordan University of Science and Technology

Address: Ar Ramtha 3030، Ar-Ramtha, Jordan

Phone: +962 2 720 1000

Philadelphia University

Address: محافظة البلقاء، Jordan

Phone: +962 6 479 9000

German Jordanian University

Address: Amman، Madaba Street، Madaba 11180, Jordan

Phone: +962 6 429 4444

Al-Ahliyya Amman University

Address:  Al-Ahliyya Amman University Al-Saro, Al-Salt، Amman, Jordan

Phone: +962 5 350 0211

Applied Science Private University

Address: Al Arab St 21, Amman, Jordan

Phone: +962 6 560 9999

Hashemite University

Address: Zarqa, Jordan

Phone: +962 5 390 3333

Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan

Address: Al Zaytoonah University of Jordan, Queen Alia Airport St 594, Amman, Jordan

Phone: +962 6 429 1511

Princess Sumaya University for Technology

Address: Khalil Al-Saket St، Amman, Jordan

Phone: +962 6 535 9949

Amman Arab University

Address:  jordan street، Jordan

Phone: +962 6 479 140

Yarmouk University

Address: Shafiq Irshidat st،, Irbid, Jordan

Phone: +962 2 721 1111

Middle East University

Address:  Queen Alia Airport Street, Amman, Jordan

Phone: +962 6 479 0222

Isra University

Address: Al Hezam Road, Amman, Jordan

Phone: +962 6 471 1710

University of Petra

Address: طريق المطار 317, Amman, Jordan

Phone: +962 6 579 9555

Mutah University

Address: Street، Mu’tah, Jordan

Phone: +962 3 237 2380


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