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September 10, 2019
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September 13, 2019
Tree Sale eCommerce Template and theme

In the spirit of Christmas and natural home decor, trees and other flowery plants are most significant. If you are a seller of trees, and you wish to get your store out on the internet in front of a more vast audience, we have got you covered.  Enlisted below are some of the best themes suitable for the sale of trees and related products, offered by one of the best providers in the e-commerce business – CMS based.

What better way to display nature than in an elegant aesthetic outlook, these themes give you a professional and amazing user interface, they are responsive and are all flexible. Explore.

Plantmore – Opencart Theme

Plantmore is designed to serve online trees, plants and flowers stores. It is a mobile-ready theme fully optimized for use in mobile phones, and it is also fully responsive, adapting to every screen on which your website is open. It allows you to fully customize your website, even unto styling the layout with some options that allows drag and drop functionality, hence it is generally easy to customize. It also integrates a blog where you can engage customers with some useful tips and up-to-date information about your store and about plants. It also offers you about 5 layout options to choose from, and a translation feature for ease of localization.


Vogue – Plant Store Opencart Theme

caktas tree

Specifically designed for the farm, for trees, plants and flower stores; Vogue is a responsive Opencart theme. This theme supports multiple currencies and languages. It offers you 4 homepage layouts to choose from, all the layouts are extremely impressive and professional, with neat structuring. You can also link your website to your social media handles to get more customers. Vogue also gives you a blog functionality for you to post captivating feeds to engage your customers. It also supports seamless localization by giving you a language translation feature.


PlazaGarden – Opencart Theme

flower garden

PlazaGarden offers you about 4 homepage layouts to choose from, with a host of other features and options for you to fully customize your website to suit your brand and business needs. The design structure is very clean and professional. It integrates a blog to allow you engage your customers with information updates. This theme also seamlessly links your website to your social media handles to enable you connect your business with prospective customers on those platforms. The theme is also responsive, adapting to every device screen automatically.


Nursery Plant – Opencart Multi-purpose Responsive Theme

nursery tree sale

Especially suited for nursery, plant, tree stores and gardens, this is a responsive Opencart with a host of really robust features to help you set up a powerful website. It offers you over 10 layouts to choose from, alongside several options to let you fully customize your website. It also has multilingual support, and integrates a blog for you to post engaging feeds and helpful tips. The design of this theme, asides being really elegant and user friendly, is also optimized for search engines.


Cactac – Plant Shop Opencart Template

cactus tree

This theme integrates several features for you to build a really powerful and elegant website. It is especially optimized for search engines, as the design is lite to enable fast page loads. It gives you control over the way your website should look like, by offering you several options to fully customize your website as you deem fit.


Greenery – Plant Store Opencart Template

coconut tree sale

This is a minimal Opencart template with a responsive design. The theme is well suited for online sales of plants, trees, flowers, greeneries etc. It features a very neat and professional structure. It also bridges the gap brought about by language and currency differences by offering support for multiple languages and currencies. It allows you to fully customize your website as you deem fit. Greenery also has a remarkably fast page loading speed, hence it is very optimal for search engines. Moreover, it also integrates a blog module where you can update your customers on tree trends.


Lotusflo – Flowers Store Opencart Template

rose sale

This template is designed to serve online trees stores and flowers, among other ecommerce purposes. It is relatively easy to install and use, also easy to customize as well. The template has support for multiple languages and currencies. The design makes for fast page loads and is generally optimized for search engines. It also integrates a blog module to enable you post feeds.






Gardener theme


WS Garden

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