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May 13, 2020
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May 16, 2020
Understand the fact of which backlink link google penalized ?

Google penalized a deadly word for blog writer. One of the greatest Bad thing happen with your blog. Most of the top article they called “Types of bad links google spy on”.

Every professional knows that back links are most significant ranking factor. When you get enough spammy backlink what happen to your site? Google manually or algorithm plunge your site rank.

Too much back-link harms your site.

google penalized

Forum links

If you have created to many back-links in forum low DA, PA site then it looks not spammy. You probably want to keep it . But on the other hand, suddenly thousands of visitors come from different low-quality forum sites then its looks spammy in google algorithm.

Press release

Easiest task in link generate on this field. In this tactic you will create 100 of links in a short time. Just you have to write a press release and publish it in different press release site.

Guest Book

Guest book backlink also manipulative. Too much backlink of guest book also bad in google eyes.

NO Follow link

Random no follow links from different site throw you to google penalized. If you using automate program google  will find out footprint of that automate marketing tools effect.

PBN Network

PBN also great way to build ranking in a great way. This trick is using most of the content marketer. Google will able to detect and penalized it.

Directory Submission

Directory submission is a wonderful thing to rank your site on google . But if you have back-link from less DA directory sites then it will be penalized.

Blog Comments

Blog comment is most common abusive thing for google algorithm. If you create too much back-link google count it as a spammy back link.

Fiveer and other cheap service

Many people using these types of site for visitor. With these types of site if you are generating huge amount traffic there is a chance for google penalized site.


There are some tool ( GSA RANKER Tool,Scarpe box or XRumber)that used for random back-link. These program now a days less effective. Google always one step ahead to develop their algorithm most effective.

 Bad site link

Those  site has 18+ content it is too harmful to get a link from there .Google must be penalized your site for it.

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