Animated movies WhatsApp group links
April 9, 2020
Animated movies WhatsApp group links
April 9, 2020
Visual effects WhatsApp links

Visual effects are the most used technology in Hollywood movies. Green clothes cover all set then with VFX experts change the surrounding via pc system. Wonder women, Herry Potter series, fantastic beasts and Mission Impossible 4 is the best example of visual effects. Many Bollywood movies like PK,Ra-one and Bahubli series is the best sample of VFX effects. This list of WhatsApp groups will show you dimension of the VFX world.

1) VFX job of freelancers:

2) VFX programming:

3) 3D design:

4) 3D freelancer:

5) VFX portal worldwide:

6) Artist group:

7) 3D workgroup:

8) Visual effects:

9) Herry potter fan club:

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