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January 27, 2020
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What is Google AdSense Address Verification PIN Letter?

As many of you may know, for the first time in our own Google Adsense account, a $ 10 PIN verification code is sent to the address provided by AdSense for $ 10. And, this verification pin code is sent to your door via a letter.

Adsense address verification:

What Is Adsense Pin Verification in English ?

A letter contained  PIN code. For address verification letter sent by Google Adsense . You have to infuse the pin on your Google adsense account and verify it with PIN code.

By this, the address you have given in your AdSense account is verified by Google.And, when you verify your Adsense account with a  pin code via letter in your house, your address in the AdSense account will prove to be correct.

Remember you will not be paid any money from Google Adsense unless you are verifying your AdSense account.

Therefore, in order to make money from Google AdSense, it is very important to get this PIN verification letter at the correct address. However, if you cannot receive the letter with the PIN, then it is possible to verify the address without the PIN.

In this article, I will tell you all about the Adsense “pin verification letter” and if you are not getting a verification letter from AdSense, then how to do address verification without a PIN.

What is the AdSense Address Verification PIN letter?

To keep your AdSense account secure, send a letter to Google or AdSense to verify your address.

In this letter, you are given a PIN number, which you can verify on the accuracy of your address by entering or entering your adsense account.

Finally, after submitting this Personal Identification Number (PIN) account, Google Adsense will give the money you earned to your bank.

How long will it take for the address verification PIN to arrive?

This verification letter will be sent to you through commonly used mail and courier services.

But remember, the PIN will be sent to you when your AdSense account has a “minimum verification threshold” which is $ 10 in deposit or earnings. And, it may take about 2 to 4 weeks for the PIN to go to your house. However, this may take more or less time.

Remember, within 4 months of sending the letter through AdSense, you must enter the PIN number in your AdSense account and verify.

However, ads on your blogs or websites will stop showing ads through AdSense.

When and how to give the verification PIN?

After the minimum $ 10 threshold has been submitted, you will see a notification on your AdSense account.Where it says “Your payments are on hold”. This means that you will not be paid any money from your AdSense account until you have given your PIN to your AdSense account at home.

So, first open the letter of hope in your house and check the PIN number on it.

Then, login to your Google adsense account and go to the “settings >> account information” option.

On the Account Information page, you will see an option for “Address Verification” where a link to “Verify Address” is given.

Now, click on the link in the “Verify address” directly.

After clicking on the link, you will see an option at the bottom of the next page that says “enter your pin”.

Now, enter your pin number from the hope letter in your home in the Enter box and then click on the “Submit pin” option.

In this way, the address verification will be done in your AdSense account and when your account becomes $ 100, you will be paid by AdSense.

Verification pin What do you actually do in the letter house?

If the address verification letter or zip does not come within 1 moth, it may be that the address you provided is incorrect in your Google AdSense account.

So, first of all, login to your Google adsense account and go to “Payments >> manage settings” and go to the “Name and Address” option under “Payment profile” to see if your address is correct or if it is incorrect. Take it.

Then, in the Address Verification letter home, actually, you’re left with two things to do.

First, we have to send a new verification letter

You can request that AdSense be sent again via a verification PIN letter.

However, keep in mind that you will be requested to send the letter again about 4 weeks or 1 months after .

To request a new letter, you must go to the “Settings >> account information >> address verification” page.

Then, at the bottom of the address verification page, you’ll see the option “Resend pin”.

Just click on the straight resend pin option, Adsense will send the letter back to your home address.

Remember, you will see the “Resend pin” option after the first month after the first letter is sent. You may not see the resend pin option before that.

Second, it is possible to verify without PIN

If, at the end, you do not get a PIN verification letter in your house, you can verify your address by uploading any of your government issued identity card, bank statement or telephone bill.

On your uploaded ID card, you are correct

You must specify the correct name and address and the same name or address that you have specified in the payment address of your AdSense account.

Now, to upload these documents you need to go –

Click on the “settings >> account information” link and then the “verify address” link.

Then at the bottom of the page you will see the same text.And there will be a link to “this form” along with the text where you need to click.

After clicking on this form link you will see a form on the next page.

AdSense Address Verification Form

Now, put your name in the Name Box directly above.

Then below, in the “Your adsense publisher ID” option, enter your AdSense publisher ID.

You can see your AdSense Publisher ID by going to the “Account information” page.

Then, by clicking on the “choose file” option below, save the document you want to upload for the address verification.

Finally, submit your form to AdSense by clicking on the “Submit” option below.Then you will receive a confirmation message from AdSense. And, it says that you will be answered in this form within 24 hours. Moreover, for some reason this time can be up to 48 hours.

Now, you have correctly applied for AdSense address verification without a PIN.Within 24 to 48 hours, you will be answered by email.

Our last words,

So guys, you understand what the Google AdSense PIN Verification Letter is (what is adsense pin verification letter) and how to give this PIN AdSense. If you do not receive the letter at the address you are giving, then I told you what to do and how to verify the address without a verification pin.

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