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February 6, 2020
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February 9, 2020
10 Steps to Becoming a Programmer You Must Follow!


You should have clear idea of ​​the five basic things – variable, if-else, array, for loop and function. A programming language needs to be fixed to learn more. PHP, Python, Java, C ++, JavaScript, C # or any other.


In order to understand how to hold different information or data during the course of the program, one has to learn some data structures. You must learn the hash table or the dictionary. Then take some ideas about Stack and Queue. You can also make links with the linked list, Tree.


Finding a particular element within an array is called search. Minimum linear search and binary search code should be  written and practiced.

The method of sorting the elements of an array from small to big or small is called sorting in programming language. At least bubble sort can be done manually. If you can do other sorting programs like merge sort, selection sort, insertion sort manually, you will go ahead.


A database is used to store data for a software application over a long period of time. Microsoft SQL and MySQL are popular among databases. You need to know how to put data into any one of these two. If you want to know a little more, students of one of the classes in a school will have to learn what table to put in the database to store all the information, including names, subjects, test numbers.


Must have ideas about the programming concept. The most important of these is Object Oriented Programming, which is briefly called OOP. In OOP, many things in the program are considered as objects or objects of the real world. There should be a clear idea about the three main components of OOP – Inheritance, Encapsulation and Polymorphism.


You have to do the programming manually. If you need to search Google from a web site, then type and type the program itself. You have to start with small programs. For example, a program that can calculate the length of a rectangle, or its width, if given the width. But to be a programmer, you need to know more than one method to find the Fibonacchi series.


All programming languages ​​have some popular packages / libraries / frameworks. You need to know at least one. However, slowly you have to think about a few more. Various software or text editors are used when programming. For example, Notepad ++, eclipse, visual studio, webstorm, sublime text, etc. You need to know how to use one of them.


If more than one programmer works on a large software program, then the codes are saved with either version control or source control software. The most popular of the source control software – github. To be a programmer you should have a github account and some custom project code there.


You need to master the problem solving solution by Google. Those who are ahead of you must follow. You should spend hours watching the tutorial. You need to know how to solve your problem using the answers of others’ questions in stackoverflow. It is best if you try to solve the problem of programming contests or online.


If you want to become a programmer, you have to be self-motivated. Always have the desire to try something new. You have to have the desire to do something yourself.

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