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Detailed discussion about Backlink

Backlink, this term is very familiar and somewhat confusing to those of us who work in the SEO world. Why do many people think that I am “confused” by using this term?

In fact, many of us do not know what Backlink really is and how it works for our site.

So let’s start our discussion with this backlink today.

What is a backlink?

Backlink is an external link that gets your site from another website.More simply put, when a website gives your site a link.

Why do you need a backlink to the site?
In my opinion, there are three reasons why backlinks are done to a site.

1.Creating Authority
2.Search Engine Rank
3.Increasing the number of visitors

Here the authority is meant to increase the value of your site.

That is, think of the example I gave a while back. Your friend is getting a good sense of me when you talk to me about your friend, so my authority is increasing.

And when your site gets such backlinks from various external sites, the search engine and your site will give importance and rank.

And when you rank in the search engine, the number of organic visitors to your site will increase.

Hopefully now you understand why a website needs a backlink.

What are the properties of links?

A link has 2 attributes:

Do Follow vs No Follow

No-Follow is an HTML Attribute, which tells the search engine bot that the value of the link in the search engine rankings is not given to this link.

That is, the search engine bot will no longer follow your link. If the search engine bot does not follow the link, then no link juice will be passed through that link.

Link Juice is the power of a link, whereby the page contains the value of the link.Generally, we will give these pages no-follow that are not very authoritative, or our affiliate links will be no-follow.

Examples of no-follow links:

<a href=”http://www.google.com/” rel=”nofollow”> Google </a>

For those of you who work in WordPress, there is a great plugin that allows you to easily follow a link, the plugin is: Rel Nofollow CheckBox

If your link not ad no-follow  link feature, by default the link is do-followed.If a link is a do-follow, it means that the search engine bot will pass through the link and go to the target page.

Now you can tell what is the profit?

Yes, there is profit.

That is, the link juice will pass on your site. That is, the search engine bot will help the target page get the rank because of this link.

While there are more things to do, not only do you have a follow-up link, you need to be good at the search engine position of the page you are linking to. Only then do you get such a do-follow link and you will become profitable.

Examples of do-follow links:

<a href=”http://www.google.com/”> Google </a>

What is Internal Link and External Link?

Internal Link: When you link a page / post to another page / post inside a website, it is called an internal link. This is also called Inbound Link.

Inbound Link is very important in ranking a site in search engine. Because, through proper internal links, the link juice can be properly passed to all pages / posts on your site. In this case, the internal link is usually Do-Follow.

External Link: When you link to a page / post on another page within your website, it is called an external link. Another name is Outbound Link.

However, external links are linked through external links, so external links are usually no-follow. However, there may be exceptions to this. Because of the high-authority site many people do.

What do you do to get quality backlinks?
You must understand that getting a good quality backlink is not an easy task. Your site must have some features for this. Ex:

Your site should be a technical error free site. Here’s what the technical error means:
1.Site loading speed problem
2.Mobile friendliness problem
3.Duplicate content
4.404 errors
5.Canonical errors
6.Duplicate Meta data

The design and architecture of your site needs to be user-friendly. So that a user can easily navigate your site.Your site content should be of good quality. This is very important. Because if your content is good, your content page will be shared by other users and will be accessible to everyone. And that way you will be able to look into the eyes of others and give your page backlinks from other Relive pages.
Hopefully from the discussion on the sidelines, I’ve been able to explain to you what Backlink is.

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