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April 11, 2020
30-second WhatsApp status
April 11, 2020
Badmash WhatsApp groups links

Badmash is those naughty people.They have always engaged themselves through some activity so that they can influence the acting, they harm various people.So these are called idiot, duffer, and stupid. These villain type people have activated many WhatsApp groups link .we collected it and sharing with you.

1) Idiot groups:

2) Friends hangout: Link

3) Maloom ha na:

4) Teacher says get lost:

5) Bacha talenteded ha:

6) Don’t judge my past:

7) Rock an roll:

8) The minded to be brain:

9) Villian friends:

10) Jutt boy:

11) keminy friends:

12) 3 idiots:

13) Unknown people:

14) Mastizaade :

15) Bike chor group:

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