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April 11, 2020
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April 11, 2020
Kerala WhatsApp groups links

Kerala is a southwestern state of India. It is the wettest state if India because of the Malabar coast.The economy of Kerala state depends on three pillars, one is emigrants working in the gulf foreign countries. second is the fisheries industry and the third last one’s capital language is Malayalam. So most thing in Kerala is called with Malayalam, for-example, Malayalam cinema industry. In these mention WhatsApp group links have deep knowledge of Kerala state.
so join it.

1) Cricket troll

2) Malappuram :

3) Kerala stays home:

4) Kerala arts:

5) Kerala gangsters:

6) Bank of Kerala:

7) Kerala shopping:

8) king readers:

9) Kerala talented guy:

10) Be active and be smart:

11) Malayalam fun:

12) forex market Kerala:

13) Fishing in the sea:

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