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March 1, 2019
Online bus ticketing web application between $50
March 10, 2019
Best online cheap price POS between $50
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Shop business is gradually  increasing day by day. They has the necessity of online POS.  Not only shop business ,pharmacy, restaurant and industry business to. Those business are related with selling  product , they has the essentiality of this system. Its not because of  just keep transaction report. Its helps to do the data record work more precisely.

Lets know the main key points of essentiality  of POS.

Customer Handling:

POS  is a system that can easily handle your customer record. Customer invoice and customer complain can check anytime in the system. Even the time and date track able on it. Sometimes customer can return  the buying product  . How shop owner maintain that in note. There need to do lots of paper work. But in a POS single click the job can done. Huge amount of time being saved.

Financial Report :

In the month end every shop or organization need to close the balance sheet . They need to make accurate report at the month end . What is there total loss or benefit ? For this they need to organize the data of  income and cost . They need to do it  2-3 times. It takes more time. So we can say productive time is losing.

Reduce theft risk:

Its can happen simply .You can easily track it into the system. You can find out  unconvinced data.By finding that you can prevent all the awkward things.

I’m sharing  Top 6 online based POS system In a very attractive price. This are the world best product.

Intelle POS With Inventory System:

Instant visibility of your business on the Dashboard. Its build on  HTML , CSS PHP 7.x ,Mysql  5.x, javascript. 4.00 average ranking .


  • Real time bar-code scanner.
  • Fully user friendly interface.
  • Training sample provided with script. Its takes only one hour to learn whole process of the software.
  • Great reports with lots of parameter date, time, branches ,invoice, bill.
  • Inventory update automatically.
  • Customer  profile management show profile and there transaction.
  • Opening stock balance.
  • Intelle  POS work with different type of machine. You can use it without barcode.
  • Daily profit margin tracking in a click.
  • 9 Language supported.
  • Multiple user and role can be assign easily. Full controlled is in your hand.
  • Fully responsive design that works with any kind of device.
  • You can shift 13 beautiful design.
  • Stock Alert . If product finish it will give alert.
  • Basic accounting provided.
  • Branch management .check individual warehouse stock in different location.
  • Locking out whole system in a single click.
  • Invoice generate smoothly.
  • Back up is easy. Just one click.


Geo POS – Point of Sale:

Geo point out sale is the combination of POS ,Inventory Management ,Project management, Accounts ,Customer management and  Supplier management. CodeIgniter php based framework used for develop this. 5.00 average ranking  and 300+ sale.


  • Support facility available.
  • Online payment facility.
  • Custom tax and Custom discount product.
  • Stock manager.
  • Send Quotes with proposal as Email. Quotes Convert invoices.
  • Supplier management.
  • Accounts (Sales & Purchase is integrated ).
  • Transactions report.
  • Make Custom transactions.
  • Data & Reports.
  • Company Statistics.
  • Sales & Purchase TAX Statement.
  • Ticket Based Support System.
  • Customer can create tickets in his login.
  • Employee can reply and solve problem.
  • Employee Payroll, Employee Attendance, Holidays , Employee Salary, Salary History & Increment.
  • Useful and easy to use project management module is included with options like view and comment by customer.
  • Task Manager , Business owner/manager can assign tasks to employees.
  • Twilio SMS Intigration ,reCaptcha , Short invoice URL in SMS.
  • Notes ,Documents Entry point.
  • REST API : Connect with other applications.
  • Employee Management.
  • Editable Email Templates.
  • Export & Data backups.
  • Ready to use Payment Gateways.
  • All Payment activities record.
  • Preloaded Multiple Payments Gateways
  • (Stripe ,Authorize.Net ,PayUMoney ,2Checkout ,PayPal ,RazorPay ,Pin Payments ,SecurePay).


Tecdiary Stock Manager Advance with POS:

Tecdiary Stock Manager  develop with POS module .Its a PHP language develop web based  application that lets in you to manage your income and inventory on website. 4.72 average ranking .


  • Barcode enabled.
  • Payment option (Paypal & Skrills).
  • Quote,Transfer (CURD).
  • Customizable settings ( Logo ,Customer groups ,Tax rates).
  • Backup and updates.
  • POS.
  • By Touch screen device easily maintainable.


Zar POS:

ZAR POS is an online Point of Sale has a friendly interface that everyone can use . The POS can be used online all type of device. PHP CodeIgnitor framework use to develop this.

Feature :

  • Simple Stock Management.
  • Reports (Finance ,Customer ,Product).
  • Multiple color theme.
  • Possible to handle multiple customers and stores.
  • Bar code scanner compatible.
  • Print and save receipt.
  • CSV product input and output facility.

Buy $39 Only


Pharmacare is a best pharmacy software .  Pharmacare specially develop for pharmacy business.

This parma software use for specially pharmacy data management. Its come with wonderful UI.


  • Modern Dashboard design.
  • Category, Medicine, Customer  Curd.
  • Add customer and supplier payment.
  • Stock report.
  • CSV input an output facility.
  • Financial module.
  • Daily, Monthly, Yearly Sales report.
  • Profit and Expense Report.

Buy $49 Only

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