Bulk email script for your business
January 12, 2020
SMS Reselling script for your business
January 12, 2020
Bulk Sms sender script for your online business

Bulk email sending is a method which is used widely by email marketers as a constant communication with potential and existing customers. bulk emailing enables you to spread information about your products or services to a large audience in a short period of time.

Our amazing email sending scripts are professional, high-performance mass emailing software for your email marketing campaigns. With the help of these, you can create and send a large number of electronic messages to an unlimited number of recipients.

Our scripts are easy to use, even you don’t need to have super requirements and no advanced experience. You can create your email marketing campaigns in jus a few moments. These scripts have responsive design that let you easily browse it from any device, laptop, PC, tablet and mobile.

SMS Sender


Sendroid Ultimate – WhatsApp & Voice Messaging Script with SMS Chat & White-Label Reseller, SMS


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