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April 2, 2020
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April 2, 2020
Corona virus support groups links

The novel corona virus is a very small virus.It is so small that it can easily pass through the ordinary mask.It is a new virus which spread throughout the world two hundred and three countries and still moving. If you want to know about should join these WhatsApp group links.Here are the links:

Corona virus support groups links

1) Coronavirus world updates:

2) Coronavirus SA lockdown:

3) COVID-19 alerts brazil:

4) Pray for Kenya:

5) Coronavirus ilaaz:

6) Corona:

7) Go corona go:

8) Corona pandemic:

9) Stay Home:

10) Stay home and save lives:

11) Stay home save the world:

12) COVID-19:

13) Coronavirus:

14) Coronavirus info:

15) Quarantine social:

16) Western cape donations:

17) COVID-19 global chats:

18) Coronavirus in India:

19) Srilanka situation of coronavirus:

20) Discussion on coronavirus:

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