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April 2, 2020
Timepass groups links for Indian people
April 2, 2020
IELTS groups links for learner

Our youth wants to study abroad and make his career abroad. They have to pass a test name called The international English language testing system(IELTS). If you want to take part in this test, then you have to click on the WhatsApp groups link. These are free and all the stages of preparation.
These links are mentioned below:

ielts group link

1) IELTS (study abroad):

2) IELTS Canada:

3) IELTS preparation:

4) IELTS hub:

5) IELTS for jobs:

6) Job in Abroad open:

7) British virgin council:

8) English made easy:

9) Spoken English:

10) IELTS for the public:

11) Training of IELTS:

12) Practice with a partner:

13) Chating in English:

14) IELTS Dreamers:

15) Travel documents etc.

16) Your dream our plan:

17) Online test:

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