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Dedicated Server vs. Cloud Hosting: What’s the Difference?

For hosting your website or web application that is if you want to publish your web page so that all can access it using the internet, you would need a server. A system that offers space and resources to you for linking your web page or application with the internet is called a server. It helps people to interact with your creation that is website.

Now, there are different types of web hosting servers that offer space and resources for hosting any website. For your information, there are two types of web hosting servers: traditional and cloud. People don’t use traditional serverstoday because those have been replaced by cloud, but still there are some of the big firms using a dedicated server, which is one of the traditional servers.

From the day the internet got introduced to the people, there has been a major development, and we are seeing new technologies associated with it every year. Also, if a business has its online platform, it improves the reach of business and offers profitable results.So if you want if you are taking your business online in 2020 and confused between cloud and cheap dedicated server, here’s a brief explanation and comparison of these two terms.

Prior to implementing or adopting cloud technology, it is better to understand it properly and discover the options for deployment.

Dedicated Server

Dedicated server is one of the types of a traditional server. This server was in high-demand when the concept of cloud server wasn’t known. When it comes to conventional server, the customer can buy a shared or dedicated space on the server for hosting his website.

Moreover, the customer can buy the complete server only for himself in a dedicated server. He doesn’t have to share the server space and resources with other customers. Several big firms and organizations use dedicated servers as they offer high level of security. Small firms can’t opt for this type of server because it needs tech expertise for managing and maintaining a dedicated server.

Cloud Server

Cloud hosting is also known as cloud computing. In cloud server, the webpage is hosted on a virtual server instead of hosting it on a physical hardware. It comprises of multiple servers that offer space and resources to your webpage.

Simply speaking, a cloud server comprises of multiple virtual servers and offers you high scalability and resources. Cloud doesn’t save your webpage a certain location as the dedicated server does. It uses different systems for managing your website.

In the cloud, all the work is done virtually. So, you need to pay only for the resources and space that you use. It means you aren’t charged anything extra. Both small and big businesses can opt for cloud server.  You will different cloud services providers such a Google Cloud, AWS (Amazon Web Services),DigitalOcean, etc.

The Head-to-Head Comparison: Dedicated Server vs. Cloud Server


Dedicated Server:For a dedicated server, it is required to pay for a particular configuration. In this you need to have expert knowledge and high-level resources for managing your server. Hence, it is very expensive and small firms can’t afford it. You need to have a team for handling and managing the server.

Cloud Server: Being the most cost-effective service, you simply need to pay for space and resources that you are using. All the technical-stuff is handled by your cheap cloud hosting provider. You don’t need to hire any expert for that. This saves your money that you can spend on other aspects of your business.


Dedicated Server: You get complete control over the server and can manage it as per your needs. If you have complete knowledge of the server, you can easily maintain and manage the server by yourself.

Cloud Server: Because the cloud server is managed by the provider, the customer doesn’t have control over the server. It is tough to manage a cloud server unlike dedicated server because there are several virtual servers in it.


Dedicated Server: You need to handle a single server in dedicated hosting and in case there is an issue, it can lead to collapsing of the complete server and data too. This can crash the complete server.

Cloud Server: Since cloud server is made up of multiple virtual servers, if one server collapses, your website is immediately handled by another one. Due to this cloud server offer more reliability.


Dedicated Server: Dedicated server offers high security. Hackers can’t easily breach the security of this server.

Cloud Server: Cloud servers are secure too but not as much as dedicated servers are.


Dedicated Server: In dedicated server as you get full control over the server, you can customize it in your own way.

Cloud Server: You won’t get full control on the server and so you can’t customize it.

Integration of Tools

Dedicated Server: In case you want to integrate tools based on your utility, you might need to pay more in comparison to cloud server.

Cloud Server: You get multiple utility tools at a reasonable price.


Dedicated Server: Once configured, the configuration of the dedicated server can’t be changed as dedicated hardware is used in the server.

Cloud Server: It is highly scalable and you can scale the resources and space as per your requirements

Selecting Between the Two: Dedicated Server or Cloud Server?

Cloud as well as dedicated servers has their own features. May your business be small or medium, you should select a cloud server to host your website or web application. Cloud offers you with high flexibility, scalability, and security. You need to pay extra when you buy a dedicated server.Today, even the big firms are moving their online business to cloud server, as it offers outstanding features.

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