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March 27, 2020
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March 28, 2020
Doctors and medicals students whatsApp group

Doctor is the messiahs who dedicate their efforts to humanity in any case or in the event of an outbreak.There are numerous groups on the whats app that represent these doctors and medical students.In this corona times you can take online support instant. Most of the group has 40+ doctors. Here are their group links:

Doctors and medicals students

1) Medical aspirants:

2) Fourth-year students:

3) Only doctors:

4) Doctor Basti:

5) All Doctors:

6) Doctor and students Group:

7) Medical students:

8) Undergraduate China:

9) Medical preparation:

10) Medicine specialist:

11) Business for doctors:

12) Students:

13) Medical group worldwide:

14) Medical expertise:

15) Medical groups active:

16) Doctor group Pakistan:

17) MBBS doctor:

18) Lifesaver:

19) Nigerian MBBS students:

20) Medical studies:

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