Pharmacy and pharmacist group
March 27, 2020
Doctors and medicals students whatsApp group
March 27, 2020
Subject of course whatsApp group

The book is the men’s most sincere friend. There are also the best companions in life.Coursebooks provide a guideline for students. whatsApp has several groups that are cover these books.Links of the following groups.

1) V.K Maths tutorial:

2) Always learning:

3) Haryana GK:

4) Aim sciences:

5) Science for all:

6) Mathematics solution:

7) Engineering physics:

8) Chemistry:

9) Sindhi groups:

10) Statistics MCQs:

11) Business studies:

12) Just economics:

13) Algorithm groups:

14) Business planning:

15) Biomedical Ebook:

16) Mltpathology:

17) Science stream:

18) Medicine:

19) Human science:

20) Physiotherapy:

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