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Full Guide to rank on Quora platform

Quora is a best question and answer platform  for the people whom like to questions to know new things and also help other people by their answer. This one is a community place for other people whom just gain knowledge by reading new post.

This one is platform for bloggers to generate specific traffic.

Quora founded by 2009 by former Facebook CTO Adam D’Angelo. Quora alexa ranking 92th positions.

Effective quora benefits:

  • Niche marketing by Quora.
  • Boost your traffic by posting relevant answer link on quora .
  • Create reference link for your site.
  • Get opportunity to be quora top writer.
  • Get social exposure.
  • Lead generation.
  • Marketing of our business.
  • Fastest traffic generator.
  • Generate ideal audience.
  • Use facebook,twitter by sharing quora answer that will also generate tons of traffic.

How to make Quora Standard profile that generate tons of traffic for you?

Optimize your profile to get leads and add relevant attribute to this niche.  I’m sharing the method that help you to traction.

You’ll have an option to add several credentials in the following parts:

  • Education
  • Location
  • Topic
  • Language
  • Employment

You can add one of your blog name on credential. This will show when you answering others questions.

See I add tag line beside . It is helping  readers to know about your blog too. It’s very important to enlighten tag for your Quora profile.

Sometimes you face enormous question from will safe from them as because they know about it which topic you are best.

If you want you can follow me:

If you want to share about more you can put a link that clickable to other site that you need traffic. You can see at my profile I keep darpanit link here. You can infuse twitter and linkedin profile too.

Standard profile should maintain this:

  • Write a brief about your experience.
  • Spread out your answer in social network.
  • Ask readers to visit your blog.
  • Share your most popular answer.
  • If you need you can add image,video and link there.

Be aware never share your blog content as answer. There is a chance to penalized by google if you do it regularly.

How to find most popular questions and answers?

Maximum people come here to  search for answer of their desire question. So you have to target them.

Search your desire niche topic. Never type long sentence. It never brings accurate result.

Find which one that have more followers and answer on that question.

You see lot of answer there you have to competition with them but most amazing thing they will get notify when you answer. It’s an easiest way to reach potential people that you target.

See this one is a popular one. You can answer this question. This is the tricks to viral to get audience to your niche. Don’t limit your answering. Answer the less follower question too. This will also increase followers.

If you  have not enough time to answer you can answer later. By  doing this you don’t miss hot topic. By this gradually your visitor increase and move on to a great result .

Organic traffic

Some times quora question come up to number one page ,your page will  get organic traffic if you answer there. This will help you to gain organic traffic.

Another tricks to get most exposure by answering most viewed answer.

While all question not that much popularity , You have to find out exactly .


Sometimes you find FAQ section for your site their you find top questions. You can start popular question on them and share it.

A2A Answer

When you answer there lot more notification come on quora for answer. There are some persons whom send it to answer it. If you answer helpful they will give you upvote and turn into a follower.

How to write your quora answer perfect?

  • Add infographic, screenshot youtube videos.
  • Add heading,subheading.
  • Break the answer into multiple blocks. 100 word perfect but some people write 1000.
  • Make your answer most trustworthly.
  • Use italic and bold format on heading.
  • Try to grab attention by the answer.
  • Read other answer then give your answer. It will helpful for perfect answer.

How many question need to answer for viral on quora ?

According to my observation those whom write 4000+ answer they are famous at Quora. They bring millions of visitor to there site by answering questions. You can answer three question daily . Slowly and steady you will get audience. Quora is platform where your answer will recorded until your account suspend. So it’s a life time assets. Read Quora user policy must.

Avoid Spamming and Follow The Rules:

  • Don’t post same link repeated times. Otherwise quora team count as spammy link.
  • Post link on relevant question answer. Else it will be spammy link.
  • Don’t complete your answer in one to two lines. Sometimes user can collapse this.
  • Must avoid affiliate link .Quora always count the affiliate as a spammy link.

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