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September 15, 2019
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Health Product Sale Joomla Templates

“Health is wealth,” this statement never gets old. People are more concerned with their health than every other aspect of their lives. If you own a health store, and you have not found yourself a presence online, you are missing an opportunity to connect with a very vast hoard of customers. If you wish to find your store a space on the net, one problem you might encounter is, what theme will be most appropriate for your store? This article brings you a list of really suitable themes for health stores from the Joomla platform. Explore your options.


HealthCare+ Medical and Health Joomla Theme

medical product sale

This Joomla template is ideal for health stores, and general medical facilities. It offers you several options for you to customize your website following the color scheme and other styles that will suit your brand. It is generally easy to install and use. It includes a Google map for you to include directions to your offline store. Social icons are also available to enable you connect with your customers on social media platforms.




Medico – Medical & Veterinary Joomla Template

health equipment sale

Medico is a Joomla template with a responsive, modern, neat and professional design. The template is suitable for health stores, as well as clinics and veterinaries. You get to choose the pattern that suits you – a single or multiple page versions are available. The theme also incorporates a blog for you to post engaging feeds and posts to keep your customer abreast with health tips. The documentation of this theme is well detailed for easy installation and use.




Healthy – Awesome Medical Joomla Template

aid device sale

Get 100% responsiveness with Healthy, as well as several customization options for you to style your website from the layouts to the color schemes and pages, all to suit your personal taste and business needs. The design of this theme is well within the standards of search engines, so it is generally SEO friendly. Interestingly, it integrates Google Analytics for you to track your conversions and site visitors. The documentation is also very detailed for ease of installation and use.




 Medipuls – Joomla Medical Template

medi plus

You get to choose from 2 homepage variations, and several other options to style your website in the manner you see fit. This theme incorporates a blog among other bonus pages, to enable you engage your customers with health care tips, you also get to customize your blog layout by choosing one of two options. It also integrates a Google map for you to add the location of your offline store as well as directions to help your customers locate you. The layout of this theme is generally responsive and appealing, and the design is clear, neat and professional.




MEDILife – Medical Modern Joomla Template

special health product sale

You get extra with MEDILife, a blog page for you to post health tips to engage your customers, and a forum page where your customers can interact with each other. You also get a social login for you to link your website with your social media handles, and connect with customers on these platforms. This theme supports email marketing with the Newsletter functionality it gives you. A Google map feature is also included in your contact page for you to add the location of your store, alongside directions to help your customers locate you. The design is not left out, it is responsive and retina ready.




Global Dental Center – Dentistry Joomla Template

dental product sale theme

For sale of dental products and other health products extensively, this theme serves appropriately. It offers you a blog page for you to post up-to-date information and also engage your customers with amazing health write-ups. A forum page is also available, providing a platform for your customers to interact with each other. Social login options are included for you to link your site to social handles.  Help your customers locate you by adding directions to your offline store with Google map.




Salutem – Clinic Joomla Template

doctor needed equipment sale

Additional pages are included in the Salutem template – A blog page for posting up-to-date information and health write-ups, a forum page for your customers to interact effectively with each other, these features add up to boost your site’s SEO ranking. The design is responsive and retina ready. Connect with both existing and prospective customers using your social login options. Also, incorporate email marketing strategy in your advertisement plan by having your customers sign up to your newsletter.




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