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January 11, 2020
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January 11, 2020
How I can earn 1000 dollars per month by a blog?

Earning money is becoming more modified and easier in 2020 than it was before. You no longer need to use the few traditional ways to earn a good amount of money. In past it was a little bit more difficult to get yourself a desired earnings as after getting well qualified, one had to put a lot of effort in searching for the job opportunities then fulfilling the eligibility criteria after that if you successfully pass through the selection criteria you achieve the post to work and meet the deadlines. This all was a long process and you had to be regular with your office work routine to make your boss happy. Now the time has changed, people prefer more to be independent and self-controlled.

If you are one among those who don’t want to work by following the traditional ways and earn good money then online job ideas are the best solution for you. You are the boss of your own, you set working routine yourself and manages all the stuff at your end. The most enchanting fact is that you may work from anywhere, anytime as you don’t have to go office on daily basis. There are different options available in this area of work and you may select any one of these according to your interest, skills and expertise. If you think you can offer people something differen, unique and can achieve your goals then you may well excel through it. People are looking for something new and unique so in order to stand among the crowd, a creative mind works the best.

What is Blog and how it works?

Blogging is one of the most interesting ways of earning money while having online job. If you opt for blogging then it is crucial to know about it first. A blog is a webpage or website where one adds his written content, which is also known as blog post for the viewers. In order to connect directly with the reader and keep them engaged at your website, blogger usually writes from a personal perspective. Writing gives the sense to each reader that writer is talking to him. To take a start as a blogger you don’t need to be a proficient writer, it is more about personal perspective then writing some content perfectly in professional way. As people look for your personal perspective while reading your blog so it is better to have a conversational and informal writing style. You are a successful blogger if your reader come back to read more from your site.

Keep in mind that a blog is different from website. It is not just like a simple website, the blogs are updated frequently mostly on daily basis unlike the traditional website. The feature of blog that it is much like social media, which provides the space for commenting and have discussions to the readers make it look different from website. Blogs are appealing and seeks the readers’ attention; make them want more to have regarding the topic to read. Blog provides the opportunity to have conversation and better understanding rather than the traditional websites.

What are the reasons for selecting blogging as an online job career?

If you are looking for the benefits of blogging then let me tell that you have made a right decision about becoming a blogger as it can give you benefits in both personal as well as professional life.

Blog provides you a platform to share your passion and express your ideas. Using this platform you can make people see the world from your perspective. You may connect with the people sharing the same passion and improve your skills and abilities. Not only this it improves your ability to express yourself in a better way and make your point of view worthy. As knowledge is being shared at your forum so it makes you learn new things and gives you a greater exposure.

How to start blogging?

Here I will give you the step-by-step guide in order to have your own blog so that you may flourish well as a blogger. There are few essentials which you need to start a blog.

A good domain name:

The most important of all is having a domain name for your blog as it gives an identity to your blog and enable you to earn money through it. Try to have a sensible domain name which should be easily available to users.

Website or Host for a Blog:

A blog can be a website but a website can’t be a blog, to make your blog live you need a website or a host which stores all the files and data of your blog. Hosting makes people view what you have on your blog for them.

Well reputed Content Management System:

Select a user friendly and good quality CMS for your blog as it gives you the power to manage your digital content efficiently. WordPress is an example of CMS.

How to earn money through blogging?

You may earn thousands of dollars through your blog while running your passion successfully. There are many options available to add with your blog which are helpful in making money. Here I am enlisting few of them:

  • Selling privates Ads
  • Placing CPC(cost per click) or CPM(cost per thousand impression) Ads
  • Adding affiliate links in your writing content
  • Selling membership to exclusive corners of your website
  • Sell physical products on your blog and use it as content marketing tool
  • Provide Books and Ebooks
  • Offer online courses
  • Become a Speaker after blog recognition
  • Provide online coaching/consultation

If you add your efforts in the right direction with the required amount, you will excel well with your blog. Time and consistency are the key factors to make people know about your passion, so that it may help you in earning money. Blogging is more interesting rather than being a job as you work with your passion and adds maximum of your energy to make it flourish well.

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