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How to Get Talktime and Data Loans on Airtel, BSNL, Vodafone, IDEA,Reliance and Aircel

This article contains some very necessary information about different offers and packages from mobile operators of India. So, readers from India may find the article useful. As most of the people of India use SIM of Airtel, BSNL, Vodafone, Idea, Reliance and Aircel. So, in this article, we are going to explore these network providers features and offers, mostly we’ll discuss the way to get talktime and data loans from those operators.

Nowadays, there is a great competition between all mobile operators across all over the India and they always consider their subscriber or user as their main asset for the business. So, the operators brings new exciting offers and features for their valuable users. And, the users will be pleased to get those offers and these offers and features are quite affordable and meet up users requirements.

Talktime and data loans are two such kind of services that most of the mobile operators already offering for their users in case of emergency. User can get modest quantities of talktime and data loans when there is a crisis by using the service. All prepaid GSM users consider this service as a very useful one. The user may repay the borrowed amount with a very little amount service charge, later or when the next recharge do.

Without further more delay, let’s discuss the different ways to get talktime and data loans from the best and mostly used mobile operators in India which are Airtel, BSNL, Vodafone, Idea, Reliance and Aircel. Though we combined all information from different sources over the internet and if mistakenly we provide any wrong information in this article, please let us know and we’ll solve it as soon as possible because we don’t want to mislead any readers of our article or blog.

Let’s proceed to the topic, talktime or data loans can be availed by dialing USSD codes or sometimes by sending a SMS from mobile phone.

Get Talktime and Data Loans on India

How to get Airtel talktime loan

If the main balance of your Airtel SIM is underneath Rs. 5, you can request a talktime loan from your Airtel by dialing *141*10# or by calling to this number 52141 then follow the steps as directed by IVR call . Once you complete the process as directed, you will get a talktime loan of Rs. 10 from Airtel. At the point when you recharge your number whenever, Airtel will take back the amount you get as loan.

But keep in mind that, this offer is only available for Airtel prepaid users who are running low on their call balance or have zero balance on their number. The users who have more than Rs. 5 can’t avail this offer.

How to get Airtel data loan

As an Airtel user, you can avail 50 MB of data with a validity of two days and for that, you have to dial *141*567# from your mobile. And, at the point when you recharge your number next time, Airtel will deduct Rs. 15 from your main balance. Also, users of Airtel in India can use MyAirtel App to get talktime and data loans if needed.


How to get BSNL talktime loan

BSNL is one of the top mobile operator in India and they also have the feature of talktime and data loans for their subscribers or users. As a BSNL user, you can avail talktime loan by sending a SMS CREDIT to 53738 and this will give you Rs. 10 of talktime.

Also, users of BSNL can avail the talktime loan by dialing *518# USSD code from their mobile phone. The talktime loan of BSNL will be deducted from your main balance whenever you recharge your main account next time with additional service charge. So, if you get the loan amount Rs.10 once and it will automatically deduct Rs.12 for service charge from your main BSNL account balance.

Note: Right now, BSNL has no data loan service available for their users.

For more inquiry, you can call BSNL Customer Care by dialing the numbers 1503, 1800-180-1503.

How to get Vodafone talktime loan

Like every mobile operators in India, Vodafone also have some options for valuable subscribers to avail some amount as talktime loan. If you are facing a low balance situation we may loan talktime for your Vodafone mobile number.

To avail the talktime loan you must have to fulfil below terms,

If the main balance is below Rs.5 and SIM must be 90 Days old. Vodafone may charge extra fee for the service whenever you recharge your main balance and automatically loaned amount will be deducted from your main balance

You can use several methods to take the Vodafone talktime loan. Either you can send ‘SMS CREDIT’ to 144 or you can use *111*3*6# USSD code from your mobile or directly dial call 1241 to avail the loan as talktime.

In case, if you want to connect with the customer support executive for any help then you can call on Vodafone customer care 24×7 number.

How to get Vodafone data loan

Though all mobile operators didn’t provide offers data loan service for their subscribers but Vodafone offers data loan service for their subscribers. So, if you are a Vodafone user you can use their data loan service to avail advance data credit loans from them by following simple steps.

There are actually two simple ways by which you can get a data loan from Vodafone. One, you can dial a USSD code from your mobile phone or you can use SMS service to get it. As like Vodafone talktime loan users who want to get data loan must have to fulfil some terms. This service will only work if no data balance is available on your number and the Vodafone SIM must be 90 Days old. Only 30MB of data loan you can get from the operator which will be valid for 24 hours. Vodafone will charge an extra fees for the service when you recharge your main balance of Vodafone number.

You can dial *130*4# USSD code to take 30MB Data loan or just send a SMS “ICREDIT “to 144 take Vodafone 3G/4G Data credit loan.

You can dial 199 or 198 for any assistance and it is chargeable or you may contact your local Customer care number at any time to get more information about talktime and data loans of Vodafone.

How to get IDEA talktime loan

On the off chance that you are using IDEA SIM and confronting low balance issue on your IDEA number. You can borrow Rs.10 as advance talktime loan from IDEA. With the assistance of IDEA talktime credit loan number or using USSD code service you can undoubtedly take talktime in a crisis.

You can take a loan in the event that you complete the accompanying conditions like,

When the main balance is underneath Rs. 5 and IDEA SIM must be 90 Days old before applying for advance help else, you won’t qualified to take the loan. The operator may charge additional assistance charge whenever you return the borrowed amount and it will be deducted from your main balance while you recharge the number.

Only by dialing the below USSD codes you can get talktime loan from IDEA.

You can dial *150*05# *150*10# or *150*20# to take IDEA Credit Rs.5 or Rs.10 or Rs.20 as talktime loan respectively.

How to get IDEA data loan

IDEA also offer data loan service for their users. You can download MY IDEA app and from the app you can get the data loan or you may use some USSD codes for the purpose.

Dial *150*06# to get 25 MB 2G data loan in IDEA and the charge will be Rs. 6. Also, you can dial *150*333# to get 35 MB 3G Data loan from IDEA for Rs. 11. IDEA won’t charge any additional fees or any interest rate for the loan amount.

How to get Reliance talktime loan

Reliance Communications is one of the largest telecom service provider in India. It has the highest number of 3G users in the Country. For their GSM Prepaid customers, Reliance also offers talktime loan facility and customers can get a limited amount of talktime loan in emergency situations. By dialing the USSD code *141# users of Reliance can avail the loan offers. And, there will be only two options available for the users. They can get Rs. 5

Reliance offers two talktime loan amounts. To get Rs. 5 as the loan amount, you need to reply with 1 or reply with 2 to take Rs. 10 as talktime loan. Once you select, you will be asked for confirmation. Then just reply with 1 to confirm the loan.

Also, by sending a SMS  ‘YCR’ to 51234, you can get the loan.

To avail any loan plan for talktime users’ main balance must have to be less than Rs. 10. The operator will take back the loan whenever you have sufficient balance and for Rs. 5 loan you will be charged Rs. 6 and for Rs. 10 loan, the charge will be Rs. 12 loan respectively for all Reliance user.

Right now, Reliance did not provide any service for data loan. But, you can use the loan Talktime balance in any data pack or SMS pack also.

How to get Aircel talktime loan

In the event that your Aircel balance is not as much as Rs. 10, you can get a talktime loan from the system by dialing the USSD code *414# or by calling 12880 or sending SMS “LOAN” to 55414. The loan amount will be deducted along with a convenience fee of Rs. 2 but Aircel has not provided any time duration of it.

So, according to the policy you will get Rs. 10 talktime from Aircel and you should pay Rs. 12 later. The user will not be able to take the talktime loan again till all the previous dues are cleared.

Currently, Aircel did not offer any data loan for its users.

That’s all for this article. Here, we only discuss about the policy and some ways to get talktime and data loan on Airtel, BSNL, Vodafone, Idea, Reliance and Aircel.

Hopefully, this large article gives you a better understanding of procedures and requirements to get talktime and data loans from Airtel, BSNL, Vodafone, Idea, Reliance and Aircel in India.

Most of the information is collected and combined from various sources over the internet. So, if you think, any information isn’t correct or misleading, then you can contact us at any time, we’ll resolve the issue as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and stay with us for more informative and interesting article. Have any inquiry feel free to reach us at any time.

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