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January 1, 2020
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January 6, 2020
How to increase followers in Quora?

Followers or likers are the main asset of Quora or other social network. If you have world greatest post but never have followers you can’t have get exposure. If you need exposure you have to invest on ads platform of the social media. Therefore if you want to safe your money you must concentrate on building followers. Here we discuss how you can rocket out your followers in quora.

It will help you make a brand more popular . No need to wait let’s jump on to the  treasure of learning new things.

Connect social media

Quora can connect with twitter and facebook. You can share your answer on these two. By sharing it online you can convert your social user to followers. When you connect by social network all your friend will notify about this.

Go to Settings ->Connected accounts

This will help you to get more social exposure. 

Follow the Followers

In our real life when we try to friendship other person also do that. So as like this if you follow others they will follow you to. Its like newton laws “every action has opposite reaction” .

How to follow in quora ? Go to the profile of any writer than move on to followers section by click on it and hit on see all.

There you find lots of followers ,you can follow them by press on follow button. When you follow they will get notification . So there is a chance to he/she do the same . Then they will be your followers.

Share your success or losing story

Most the people like to read not just there question answer . If you share your working progress and different success story they like it very much. Why they like it? Because its not like as usual like  other tutorial .It has some information that people want to know. Behind the scene what is happening if they can know they can easily plan for there online business.

Choose a great Niche topic

Niche topic is essential to choose for grow your followers. If you write for different ,different niche you only get upvote on quora  not followers. They will read and go away. If you write regularly in same niche then they will remember your name also there is a chance to they can follow you. Otherwise they will not because peoples are like expertise.

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