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January 1, 2020
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How to Add on Group Board in Pinterest

Adding the right group boards to join on Pinterest can feel like a wild-goose chase. They remain mystery to many pinners, while others seem to have mastered them and joined tons of high-powered group boards.

What are group boards?

On Pinterest, a group board is owned by one person who adds other pinners who can then contribute pins to that board. In other words, it is a collaborative board. You can send request to join a group board by contacting the owner, but they have to send you invitation to become a collaborator before you can pin to that board.

Group boards have incredible power. You pin your content to the board and anyone who follows the board can see it. That would be the audience of the owner and any of the other collaborator’s audience who follow the board.

Why do group boards matter?

A quick overview of how Pinterest works shows why group boards are so incredible.

Pinterest depicts four main types of pins in anyone’s feed: pins from people they follow, suggested pins, popular pins, and promoted pins (paid ads).

There are three options that tell how to interact with any pin: click through the pin to its destination, share it with someone else, or repin it to one of your boards.

Whenever someone choose option to repin a pin to one of their boards, the repin count on that pin goes up by one. Pinterest has an algorithm which takes those repins and factors a repin rate for each pinner. The higher a pinner’s repin rate, the better Pinterest take them, and the more likely their pins are to get shown to someone else.

So, in order to convince Pinterest to show your pins to more people, you’ll want everything, you pin to get repined as frequently as possible.

And the here is the thin that it doesn’t matter if its your own, original content, or someone else’s pin; when you pin (or repin) any pin, and it gets repined, it counts towards your repin rate!

A group board gains followers much faster than a regular board.

3 amazing strategies for finding the perfect group boards

  1. Search for influencers in your niche to get the idea what group boards they’ve joined

Finding other people in your niche who have a huge presence on Pinterest is one great way to find active group boards.

  1. Take advantage of your Pinterest analytics

The benefit of Pinterest business account is Pinterest analytics, which you can use to find more group boards.

Once you are logged into Pinterest, click Analytics in the upper left, then people you reach, then interests. Toggle to you followers not all audiences, then scroll down to see brands: business your followers engage.

Some of your results might be big companies, but most should be other people in your corner of the market who pin the same types of content you do.

Don’t forget to use this amazing analytics Pinterest feature. You need to find out who your followers engage, then check out the group boards they are part of!

  1. Create some yourself

When you struggle to find fabulous boards in your niche, this is a great option that can lead to quick success!

If you are going to sell organic baby products, create a board called non-toxic living. You can invite anyone you know or follow, whether a friend or an influencer, to join your group board. They may be selling natural make-up or chemical-free cleaners, or blog about healthier lifestyle.


Don’t hesitate to reach out! Send an email or message through Pinterest or Etsy, or even Facebook, to someone who would be an awesome contributor to your new group board. You must link straight to the board so they can click straight to it.


Remember, this strategy has the potential to put your pins in front of their audience. In the beginning, a little work, and a little putting yourself out there can result in a big payoff. On top of that, the worst they can do is say No.


Group boards are one of the best way Pinterest can drive traffic to your website or shop.


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