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February 9, 2020
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How to run a Reddit account safely?

What is Reddit: Reddit is a forum or social news website where social media is added or promoted by voting for site members. Your topic’s heading will be eye catching so that the reader will want to read.Registration free and its features are also common in Reddit.You can upgrade your Reddit account to Gold Reddit by subscribing monthly or annually. Paid account features have a wide range of benefits and benefits from free accounts such as: Gold Reddit members can close the ad on their side bar in the community.

Reddit account safely


When you login to Reddit account you will see many posts on the front page of the site. These include text post, link post, image post, video post. You will find all these topics in the form of sub- reddit in the top 50. As you create an account and subscribe to your favorite sub reddit, you can subscribe to the sub post of your choice and you can post or comment on that sub reddit. By commenting at an early stage and personal inboxes, like Post A, you can run an account better by uploading good posts.

Up-votes and Down-votes:
If you notice in the figure below, you can see that there are options with UP and DOWN arrows on the left side of LINK submitted on Reddit. This means that when you like someone’s submitted link, you will vote with the up arrow and if there is a bad, there is a down arrow for voting down. The voting system can again be commented on without these arrows.

This is a point. When you receive an objection to your submitted link or comment, you will earn Karma as per points or Reddit’s system. But if you get more downvotes, you will lose the opportunity to get Karma and your account will be banned. And this is when you submit your link to your Offer or Site. On hearing this, many may say – “What a Man !!! So what if I can’t submit a link to my site here ??? ”I’m clearing this up for you later.

The categories on Reddit are called Sub-reddits. And the best part of Reddit is that you can find all kinds of categories that are not commonly seen on other social bookmarking sites.

Stealth ban:
This means that when you are constantly spamming on Reddit you will not know when you are banned for its punishment. You can see the link you submit, but it will not be visible to the public. So to check this, you will see your Reddit profile URL with another browser that you do not login to the Reddit account and if the page “page not found” comes out then you will be banned or not at all.
There is a lot of talk about how we can generate a lot of traffic through Reddit for a site or landing page:

1. You must first open an account on Reddit.

2. Earlier I said sharing your Offer or site link is ban. Yes, you forget about your own site or Offer page in the beginning, and share new and interesting topics on other sites or blogs on Reddit and gain Karma through upvotes. Because the rules of Reddit have to share the topic of other sites which must be interesting and new. When you get Karma 1, you can share your link from the beginning, but will also share the link to other sites, because the rules of reddit say or not, ban is inevitable.

3. When you submit to the topic related to the topic sub-Reddit, if you do not read the relevant sub-redirect rules, then you can be banned if it is considered spam.

4. A lot of traffic requires a lot of upvotes, which will help get your link to Reddit’s front page, which is basically Reddit’s main goal. To do this, first you need to get the first 1 update as soon as possible which will keep your link on a specific sub-redirect. If you can bring 5 votes in one hour, that is much more effective than if you bring those 3 votes in 4 hours. And Reddit ranks high stories from old stories, so try to share new and interesting topics. And another thing to say is that the value of the first 1 vote is the same value at the next 3 votes, even when compared to the same value at the next 3 votes. But if there is too much downvote, this will not work. That means 1 downvote is not bad if you have 120 upvotes, but if that happens you have 3 upvotes and there are downvotes, then you can understand how bad you are.

5. When sharing a topic, of course, you will be given an interesting title so that everyone can be attracted.

6 You must give importance to the time for topic sharing. Because at that time, people sharing activists on Reddit will not get the upvote expected. It is generally said that it is best to share before 5pm EST.

7. Try to express yourself by making valuable comments on other posts that have lots of upvotes. Because you can drive traffic to your site or Offer page. Let me explain how this is possible.

8.Don’t forget to try to submit many links in one day. Because Reddit doesn’t approve of this, it’s enough to submit a link one day.And finally I want to say, do not be discouraged from doing these things, because in the beginning you can get a few upvotes, but if you patiently go ahead, believe that you will get good results.

If you comment well, other users will be interested to see your own post and follow the links


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