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January 30, 2020
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February 3, 2020
Internal Linking In SEO | Questions and answers

Some of my follower ask me these questions. I’m really happy to answer about this.


1.After how many article postings on a new site , we can start interlinking work ?

2.How much interlinking can be done in a single post?

3.In the case of interlinking which one is better , on the site post reviews from info, or reviews from reviews, reviews from info or links from info to info ?

4.Suppose on a post after 2 months  the interlinking of a post is deleted, will there be any problem if the new relevant post is interlink again?

5.Should I link the first, middle, or end of the post for inter linking? Or should it be at the end of the post? 

6.When interlinking inside what pattern have to follow?

7.How do you get better? I have read the content of some of my Competitor sites that have not seen any interlinking anchor text inside the content. But they do have a very good position with that keyword. What could be the reason for this?


1.You can start the internal link from the very first day. 

2 and 3 answer See Wikipedia. They link internally to each line. In your case, as much as you can. There is also no limitation. But do not interlink too much from your main page to the info page. Instead, link as much as possible to the main page from the Info article.

4.It’s a more complex process. Once linked, it is best not to delete it.

5.Anywhere There is no specific section. Wherever the relevant will find something to link to, link it internally. However, it is better not to do it early on the money page. Conversions may be reduced.

6.You can use the related keywords or the title of the post.

7.Finding the internal link between that ranks the post, you will not be able to capture the real thing. Rather, find out how many internal links that rank post got from other posts. 🙂 Hopefully the whole process will be cleared up.

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