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Point out sale business

Today POS systems are increasing in number because these POS systems have very authentic reasons why retailers decide to invest in a POS system. a pos system provides you a good overview of your business and keeps record of cash flow automatically. You can easily find the data about a particular product. Another major reason is that the pos system saves your precious time. there are many valid reasons that enable you to convince to invest in POS system.

Gain POS

It is a lightweight PHP application which helps you to manage sales and inventory effortlessly. It has a faster POS interface that saves your time. with the help of this applications, you can generate profit, loss and stock reports automatically according to your sales and purchases. It has amazing features like auto calculations, supports multi language, support cash register, supports different types of discount and many more. These features help you to grow your business to an unprecedented level. You can also continue your sales even you are offline. It is the best way to manage inventory and sales.


Simple POS for service businesses

SimplePOS is an amazing application or you can call it a simple cashier that uses an online database for organizing and storing data. You can use this application for multiple business service transactions like car wash, cellphone service, haircut and many more. You can also take a print out of invoices via Bluetooth thermal printer. This application is simple to use and its source code is available for webserver and android.


Ultimate Inventory with POS

It is a PHP/jQuery-based application which enables you to manage your sales and stock effortlessly. This application has an easy pos system for fast billing. You can manage the purchase & purchase return invoices as well as payments, sales & sales return invoices as well as payments, suppliers’ information, customers information, expense information, tax & tax grouping, categories, items, units, brands and business required reports and much more. With the help of this, you can review more advances reports like sales report, purchase reports, profit and loss reports, customer reports etc. it is easy to install on a local computer as well as on server with easy installation process.


Restab & POS

Restab is an amazing POS billing system which is more suitable for restaurant. It is a complete solution for a restaurant. It has everything which your restaurant billing system requires. It has been made fully responsive so that you can get access on every device. Its management system enables multiple admin and multiple users. Admin can monitor whatever a user is doing like how many sales posted by a waiter? You can give limited access or authority to staff according to their roles. It has many features like easy and cool design, simple steps to sales, simple login with admin & user and many more.


Intelle POS with Inventory system

Intelle POS is a continuation of the popular product Intelle stock manger. This version has a major component called POS. it is an ideal product for super shops and many other shops around the globe that uses point of sales service. It is a clean and powerful POS system which provide whatever you shop needs. Its features are ranging from powerful inventory to barcode printing. It has an intuitive dashboard from where you can get visibility into your business at a glance by knowing sell, purchase, transaction, expense & profit for the day etc. it provides you fully interactive and user-friendly interface and many more features.


Restaurant POS System – Android

It is the best restaurant pos app which gives you the facility to grow up your business on a digital platform so that you can synchronize your activities effortlessly. With the help of this, you can manage all orders effortlessly on multiple devices like mobile, tables or other hand held devices. It also works perfectly on tables or other big screen devices that are generally used in a restaurant. It also has the SDK of printer integrated which helps you to connect with any Bluetooth POS printer. You can also take an order of the customer with the given food list and save it for future reference.


POS for service

 If you want a software that performs a complete record of the sale of goods and services at retail, then Pos for service is perfectly designed for you. You can easily use and apply it to automate everyday actions such as the receipt of goods, price changes, records of customers and suppliers and much more. This software automatically calculates the items on the calculation, which helps you to reduce your time significantly. It has an amazing feature of invoicing. You just need to enter a code, product name or can the bar code and confirm the operation. While issuing the bills, you’ll have an option of choice of payment methods (credit transfer, cash). It has many amazing features which help you to manage everything effortlessly.


Karenderia Point of Sale (POS)

Karenderia point of sale is a windows application for multiple restaurant system. it comes with amazing features which your restaurant deserves. It is designed with Winform UI which is incredibly user-friendly interface that you can use without any difficulty. Its unique features are merchant information, automatically print, food different sizes, discount, gift item, add extras, view list and many more.


Point of Sale (POS) – Super Market – C# MySQL

It is a perfect software that comes with amazing features. It helps you to manage everything effortlessly. On top of that, it is also user-friendly. With the help of this software, you can create, update, show or delete your own category name. you can easily manage items like creating an item, updating, showing, deleting as well as item code, item name, purchase price, sale price, quantity, image and much more. It also supports barcode reader. You can print reports and print sales tickets easily. Its very nice and intuitive user interface design gives you the ability to view everything clearly. It has many unique features that let you to take your business to an unprecedented level.


OpenCart Point of Sale (POS)

OpenCart is a complete point of sales (pos) solution for your business. this module includes almost everything that you expect from a POS system. it helps you to manage product and sales effortlessly. It is also suitable for multiple stores. It has amazing features like you don’t need to pay monthly fees, stock overview, multi registers, support decimal stock, rounding currency. It has the feature of customization of receipt and barcode label which provides you easy customization. It offers many features that your business deserves.


Openpos – WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS)

If you are looking for a solution to manage your café/restaurant or your online website and your local store, then OpenPOS is perfect plugin. It is a complete point of sale system plugin which can be integrated into WooCommerce and WordPress. You can use it for multiple purposes like retailer stores, café, spa salon, or restaurant etc. it has everything that you need for a POS system. its new feature is OpnePOS progressive web apps on desktop. You can install it on the user’s device more like native apps. It is fast and give you feeling like integrated because it is launched in the same way as other apps. It is durable because users can cache all of the assets they need to run. It also creates an engaging experience.


Footwear POS

It is billing system POS which is a complete solution for footwear stores. It includes everything which is essential for a footwear billing system. it is fully responsive system so that every device could get an access. You can easily change various thins. It allows you to manage multiple admin and multiple users. Admin can monitor whatever a user is doing or how many sales are complete by a user. It provides easy barcode generator system plus stock management. It has unique features like easy and cool design, simple login with admin & user, simple step to sales all footwear product etc.


Batteries Management System (POS) in WPF C#

It is a WPF (Windows presentation foundation) based on desktop software for those vendors who have batteries selling business. it has sales module, models module, brands module, users’ module, scraps module, orders module, DB backup & restoration module, reporting of scraps & orders with crystal reports, customers’ module and setting module etc. it provides you beautiful interface from where you can see the different windows like login window, home window, sales window, invoice window, orders window etc.


ES Pharma POS System

It is a Pharmacy POS system for a small or midsize business that wants to keep the record of their shop with stock, sales, purchases, and generates sales report, purchase report and so many other things. It is a complete point of sale system. it has four type of users and expense module. With the help of this system, you can also view graphical chart reports. Its log management system provides you up to date information. It has many more features that enable you to manage everything very smoothly.


Point of Sales – Multi Outlets POS

Point of sales – Multi outlets POS system is a web-based application which enables the owner to control multi-outlets from one place. It is suitable for all types of businesses ranging from small, medium or large-scale organizations. It is easy to use POS which allows you to handle multiple bills and search opened bill option. You can also search the product from POS and can make purchase order to supplier. It is easy to setup. You can use Multi-Outlets POS on almost all types of devices like mobile device, iPads, android tablets or laptops etc. it is perfectly responsive on all devices. It also supports multi- language support feature.


Advance Point of sale system (POS)

It is one of the most advanced Point of sales systems which is suitable for almost type of business ranging from small, medium or large-scale organization. It is incredibly useful for super-shop management. It provides you the ability to add users, manage users as well as add customer and biller information. You can also view the restaurant kitchen display. It gives you the option of precise reports like invoice print, sales reports, payment reports etc. It has many amazing features that let you to manage everything easily.


Inventory Management with POS

Inventory management is a web-based application which help you to manage your stock. With the help of this application you can update stock item, sales and purchase item from anywhere around the globe. You can manage multiple shops / terminal using this inventory management plus POS simultaneously. Its key features are stock item, orders, sales, POS sales register, customers, suppliers, users, dynamic user page privilege – user access role, reports, invoice, data export, barcode creator, item label print and many more.


POS Button – Restaurant & POS management system

It is a web-based restaurant and POS management software. If you are running a single restaurant or a multiple branches restaurant, this is perfectly suitable for you. It has a very light interface and easy navigation system. it is a real-time software so you can monitor the status anytime from anywhere. It has stunning material design which gives a nicely decorated and unique look. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about device dependencies as it’s a plug and play pos enabled system. it has many amazing features like multi-company register, multi-store POS handling, easy navigation, elaborate reporting etc.


Easy POS – Point of sale

It is a web-based application which helps you to manage your stock. A user can easily access from the PC or mobile with the responsive template. It has many key features like you can manage the stock as well as customers. It provides easy management of system users or employees. It has amazing features like smart sales register, reports, data export, and many more.


Modern POS – Point of sale with stock management system

Modern POS is developed by using PHP, jQuery and AngularJS and other modern technology. It is the perfect point of sale which has amazing features. Its fully accounting system let you to manage accounts precisely. It also has multilingual feature. Modern POS has many amazing features which give you the ability to take your business at an unprecedented level.


POS Module for Stock Manager Advance

It is a powerful point of sale module which has easy and simple interface to make sales, payment and gift cards. It also has the functionality of stock manager advance that allows you to easily sell your products and accept credit card payments. It also comes with touch screen feature. It is the perfect solution for your business.


POS Billing Management software

It is a web-based application which comes with touch screen support. It also supports multiple pc. You can manage your sales and bills effortlessly. It is also simple and user-friendly application. It provides you the ability to print almost every kind of report. Post billing management software (point of sale) has everything what your system needs.


Point of Sale (pos) with accounting system

It is a sales inventory system that you can integrate with a complete double entry accounting system. it is perfect for small and midsize businesses. you can also easily post journal entries. Its report feature gives you the ability to print reports precisely like ledger, trial balance, income, balance sheet, statement, bills payable, bills receivable, cash book, bank book along with sales, purchase and inventory reports. It has amazing features like simple user interface, supplier management, customer management, items management and many more.



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