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Restaurant web application for your business


restaurant android apps

Today restaurant management systems are increasing in number because these systems have very authentic reasons why restaurant owners decide to invest in such a system. a restaurant system provides you a good overview of your business and helps you to manage the restaurant tasks. You can easily do multiple tasks like receiving orders, reservations etc. Another major reason is that the restaurant system saves your precious time. there are many valid reasons that enable you to convince to invest in restaurant system.

Restaurant management

It is a complete restaurant management system which has everything that your restaurant needs. It has a dynamic admin panel which helps you to manage everything effortlessly. With the help of this, you can send iOS notifications to your users on iPhone. Its online reservation lets you to reserve your table in the restaurant in the app or on the website. you can also manage your restaurant ranging from add menu, and photos as well as receive table reservation. It has many features that help you to manage the restaurant tasks effortlessly.


Restaurant and coffee shop application

This android based application enables you to show the world your restaurant. With the help of this you can make reservations by sending the for to an email address. It is also perfectly compatible with versions 2.3 and later as it has android library support.


Foodomaa – Multi-restaurant food ordering, restaurant management and delivery application

It is a multi-restaurant food ordering as well as restaurant membership system. it is a full fledge web app that contains an admin dashboard, restaurant management system and a delivery system. one of the amazing features of foodomaa is that it can be installed on almost any device as well as windows PC running chrome. Foodomaa also has many amazing features like progressive image loading, bulk CSV upload, and advance settings management etc.


Restaurant Management Software

If you are looking for a restaurant management software then it is perfect solution for your business. it helps you to add unlimited names of customers and details like address, email address, mobile numbers etc. it gives you the ability to add unlimited names of foods or items with stock information, inventory information, supplier name and barcode numbers. Its report feature is amazing as you can get day, month & year wise sales reports with stock. It provides you to get various reports like suppliers’ reports, customers’ reports, taxes report, discounts report, payments report, low inventory report, inventory summary report and many other reports.


Restaurant in App

If you are an owner of a restaurant, nightclub or pub and looking for an official application then it is the most perfect solution for your business. you can create the complete application for your restaurant, disco, bar or café. This starter kit comes with everything you need like facebook link, quick call, home description with logo, reservations through integrated email client, easy customization, multi-language support and much more.


Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System

It is a multiple restaurant system which is used for food ordering and restaurant membership system. it supports multiple payment gateways like Stripe, Sisow, Mercapago, Paypal, Paysera, Braintree, Razorpay, offline bank deposit etc. it helps you to easily manage food items. It also has the option for cooking reference e.g. medium rare, well done etc. admin can also send email notifications to owner when new order is placed. Its report feature is amazing as you can get sales report by item, sales summary report, sales report. You can also export these reports to excel CSV file. It has many amazing features.


My Burger Restaurant

With the help of this, you can create your own restaurant application on Android with an awesome user-interface. It provides you multiple benefits like support offline or online data, image caching, best UI effect, classifying based on categories, wish list feature and much more. Creating you own restaurant application is not much difficult now, you must try it.


Bhojon – Best Restaurant Management Software with Restaurant Website

It is an online restaurant management system which is designed to automate day to day activities of a restaurant. Apps are also developed for it. A customer can easily order food by using website or android app from anywhere as well as he can book his table, waiter, position for meals. Admin can monitor everything by using the most interactive admin panel. it offers four types of dashboard system namely admin dashboard, waiter dashboard, user dashboard, kitchen dashboard.


K-Restaurant Mobile App

It is a mobile app which provides a complete solution for receiving orders using mobile device. It has amazing features that the restaurant needs. Ordering online was not easier before, but now it has made the process very simple. It provides amazing options as food different sizes, apply tips, real time notification for email and push notification, select address form map, restaurant promos, and many more.


Menorah Restaurant – Restaurant Food Ordering System

It is a full-fledged food ordering system designed for restaurants. Menorah has a responsive design and user-friendly interface compatible with laptops, mobile phones, desktops and tablets. It is easy to install. It comes with a lot of amazing features like order management, custom CMS, menu management, customer management, SEO optimization, SMS alerts, referral system etc. you can manage orders as well as create menu categories and items with the help of its amazing admin panel. moreover, you can add or update data with the help of admin panel. Menorah provides simple way to register via Facebook, Google logins. Its awesome features are powerful admin panel, dashboard statistics, pusher notifications, sms alerts, email alerts and much more.


Restaurant POS System – Android

This is one of the best restaurant applications that enables you to grow up your business on a digital platform. It provides you effortless order and menu management. It also has a beautiful kitchen display. This app gives you the ability of real time sales and notifications. This application has amazing features like work well on all types of devices e.g. tablet, desktops, mobile phones etc.


Food Delivery Flutter App UI Kit

It is created by Google. UI Kit is an open-source mobile application development. It can be used to develop amazing applications for iOS and Android. Furthermore, it is the primary method of developing applications. It has amazing feature like clean and organized code, easy to restyle, works fine with dark and bright mode and many more.


Yummy Restaurant

It is a complete restaurant application which is used to mange your restaurant. It is a dynamic and easy to customize android app that offers you easy configuration as you can configure restaurant name, food item and logo. You can add new food items, categories, manage users and remove foods from a list with the help of admin panel. the customer feels easy to order food by using this app. This application gives you the ability to configure according to your needs with any prior technical knowledge. It has many amazing features.


Foodies – Android Native Order Taking Restaurant App

It is a food ordering app which is used by a restaurant owner to take orders according to the location. You can also view orders history. It gives you the ability to accept or reject order according to your wish. You can easily edit profile and account. It also provides simple customization which makes the process very easy.


Eatance – Restaurant and Food Delivery App

it is a mobile application which provides you effortless restaurant management. It streamlines the whole process of ordering food in a very interactive way. Eatance enables the restaurant owners and their customers to communicate with each other perfectly. You can achieve maximum growth of your business with the help of Eatance. It has many amazing features like simple, hassle free application, single restaurant application, optional login, place orders, apply promo code, view orders history etc.


Your Restaurant App

It is a mobile application which uses Android platform to manage restaurant menus and reservations. It also includes many rich features like images gallery, location, news, social etc. admin is able to use the reservation order, edit or delete category menu. With the help of this application you can save your time and money.


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