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April 1, 2020
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April 1, 2020
Sad poetry WhatsApp group links

It is generally said that happiness and sorrow are the keys to peace.If a person can be happy at one time, It can b possible that he may be overwhelmed at the next moments. The poets poetically give their contents by word form. There are links to help to understand this concept.

Sad poetry WhatsApp group links

1) Sad poetry group:

2) Sad poetry from Pakistan

3) Urdu sad poetry:

4) Sad nights poetry:

5) Sad Urdu:

6) Life of sad people:

7) Love is only pain:

8) Sad voice of pen:

9) Sad verses of hearts:

10) Panic story of life:

11) Urdu sad poems:

12) Two-line verses:

13) Painful poetry:

14) The loser in love story:

15) Poetry thoughts:

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