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April 1, 2020
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April 2, 2020
Singapore WhatsApp group links

Singapore is the likely island country in the south of Malaysia. Singapore is also its capital name.Although it is the addition of many islands ,It has a strong economy in the global market.Its GDP rate is better than the UAE. So foreign people prefer to have a job in the Republic of Singapore then UAE. In short words if you are thinking about career building.You should join these WhatsApp group for your career opportunity:

Singapore WhatsApp links

1) Singapur city:

2) Jobs in Singapur:

3) Chefs jobs:

4) Tourism in Sighapur:

5) Manpower in Singapur:

6) Study visa for SG:

7) Foreign jobs:

8) Peu Singha shop:

9) Airdrop:

10) Lakshmanan enterprise:

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