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June 18, 2020
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Thrive Themes review: Multipurpose+Creative…But Is It Good Value?

Whether you’re an experienced or a beginner in the website industry, Thrive themes can help you create that stunning website. Given its popularity, Thrive offers WordPress plugins, themes, and added resources to help you create a powerful website.

thrive theme review




Starting price is $19, monthly.

What I loved about this theme:


· One of the best things about Thrive is that Thrive Themes offer a great user interface and experience.

·Since Thrive have other products to offer such as Thrive Architect, Thrive Leads, Thrive Quiz Builder you can opt to purchase all of their products at a discounted price with lifetime updates which can cost you less compared to other alternatives.

Things to improve on:


·A few improvements that they might want to consider include adding payment processor integrations since you have to use ThriveCart for external payment cart solutions.

·Aside from this since it has a lot of features integrated in your website it can be quite bulky and may slow down your site to some extent that is why you might want to consider selectively deactivate features that you don’t normally use. You are also unable to add extra plugins such as 3rd party plugins.




Their products are focused on serving you to produce the best conversion rates possible from your website. Whether you’re an affiliate marketer or just a blogger who wants to add value to their readers more efficiently,

User friendly:


It is also beginner and user- friendly since it provides for newbies that can help you in the learning process.Thrive Themes can help your tweak the aspects of the parts that were conventionally not easily customizable.



With a Thrive Themes membership you are able to directly impact the success of your business, whether it’s helping you grow your digital market, design your content more efficiently or building effective targeted marketing ads.

Overall: 4.8/5


Overall, Thrive is a must for anyone who wants to start creating their website. There are a variety of themes and plugins available directly through WordPress, but investing in third-party options such as Thrive can help you boost your site.

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