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6 Signs that you are a Facebook Addict


facebook addiction

Many experts from different societies and professions such as psychologists, IT professionals and many others recommend various steps to control Facebook addiction and share their valuable opinions to overcome this specific problem. But, I believe, it would be great to measure several activities first before we call it as an addiction.

Individuals from different background and professions may use Facebook for their need and obviously, the using of Facebook may vary from person to person for their work. Though, it should be considered at first that, Facebook is a virtual social media so the user of Facebook should keep in mind that for using this social media one should not hamper his/her regular social life (Physically).

I think, it is not necessary to introduce our readers with Facebook. Nowadays, everybody I mean everybody knows what Facebook is and what it can be capable of. So, in this article, I will just focus on some key points of Facebook uses and will discuss the some signs to identify whether you are a Facebook addict or not?

Without further more delay, let’s talk about those signs here.

#1. Facebook taking over your physical life

As early mentioned, Facebook is a social media or you can say, a social networking platform. So, virtually building a network in Facebook isn’t a problem, sometimes it works just fine for several cause but the problem arises when you are giving much importance this social networking platform over your daily physical life. Then this social networking will turn into social dysfunction where your regular activities and functions get hampered. If you are too much busy with Facebook messaging, uploading and sharing photos, recklessly updating your status and other activities you can perform on Facebook and just completely, compromising your physical life for that cause – you are definitely a Facebook addict.

#2. Spending excessive time on Facebook

If you have a work on Facebook like you are involved in Facebook advertisement business or maintain a business page then it might be OK for you to spend enough time on Facebook. But, if you use Facebook for long hours within 24 hours without any necessity, then it might be an alarming sign that you are a Facebook addict. You are compromising your daily routine and work obligations for some share, like, comments on Facebook without any proper reason and spend a lot of time on that things during the day obviously you are a Facebook addict.

#3. Constantly checking your Facebook account

Suppose, you are a job holder and working on a project but in the meantime of a project meeting, you are signing in to your Facebook account and constantly checking you Facebook account and checking what your other friends of Facebook sharing, updating status or checking how many likes you got for your new pro pic and so on. You are not only obsessed with Facebook but you are a cent percent Facebook addict.

#4. Obsession with a lot of friends

You have a lot of friends on Facebook but that might seems very low to you considering your other friends. This is quite a common scenario for many of us and this obsessive attitude may be a sign of Facebook addiction. Another fact to consider, suppose you have many friends but most of them are not known to you or haven’t any clue about them, but you can delete them or unfriend them, then you can consider yourself as a Facebook addict.

#5. Thinking all time about your new status

Well, this situation may come to a Facebook addict if he/she is so much obsessed with Facebook. All time feel anxious about a new status and feel nervous about your recent post or expect more like, comments than it comes – it could be a major sign that you are a Facebook addict.

But, you should know that, many people don’t update or post any status for days even months.

#6. Changing Profile pic over and over

Who is not aware of Facebook profile pic? People use their favorite photo to make it his/her Facebook profile pic so they can get many likes, amazing comments or sometimes to identify themselves to their friends on Facebook. It is good to change the profile pic to get appreciation from friends but doing it excessively is not a good sign. It might turn you into a Facebook addict. Nowadays, some people change their profile pic several times during a day, what’s the point of it? Just think! If you can’t think about it and change your profile pic over and over, then certainly you are a Facebook addict.


Facebook addiction signs may vary from person to person. Not only above mentioned 6 signs are limited to find out a Facebook addict. Other signs like thinking about new posts all the time, using Facebook while feeling sleepy, making unnecessary comments on someones posts, using Facebook while you are in Bathroom, create an account for your pet and many more signs you may found to identify a Facebook addict.

So, check the above-mentioned signs first, to find out – are you a Facebook addict or not?

Too much of anything is bad and it also goes on Facebook. Facebook is necessary service for today’s tech world but make it wisely and cautiously so that it can’t ruin your daily and physical social life & don’t make you an addict. So are you a Facebook addict? What makes you think so?

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