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How to Edit PDF Files without Adobe Acrobat?

Most of the  user use adobe pdf  in early years . While this one is free to  use , most of the asian zone  they like it. There are many documents type .  Why  people like it ? It’s because it preserve the format of the document  and  prevent easily edit of document.

pdf editor

Online PDF editor:

PDF editor needs for edit PDF data . Sometimes there a situation occur that you have to hide some data from your PDF file. Example: In an official invoice you want to remove a text that not relevant to the invoice. You can perform PDF edit by  this tool (https://www.pdfescape.com/windows/). Is totally free.

How to convert word,excel,pptx  file into pdf?

No more need to wait hours to hours to manipulate file into pdf.You can download https://www.dopdf.com/  and install it. This dopdf add into word,excel, power point  as  a  extension .

How to edit PDF file convert  it to word?

There is an easy way to edit PDF file is to convert the PDF file to Word , Excel  format. I am sharing some free tools.

PDF online

This  tool offered at pdfonline.com does a quite high-quality job of converting PDF documents to word, including  charts, and images.


 It’s available at pdftoword.com, NitroPDF gives better results than most available tools but also takes more time. The file will be emailed back to you after conversion , usually within 1 day long.

Advanced PDF Editing Tools

Sometimes you may be required to do more advanced editing like replacing images on a PDF file, without breaking the formatting or flow of the document.

PDFX Change:

PDF Xchange viewer and editor lets you insert images in a PDF document, precisely on any page or location that you want to.


Inkscape :

 One page at a time, and then you can edit and re-arrange elements on your PDF file.





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