April 12, 2020

Worldwide country ways flag emoji

Copy and paste the country you from.These are the emoji of each of country flag.Which country you are from use that country¬† first two letter for […]
April 11, 2020

30-second WhatsApp status

WhatsApp is a big social media app.its connecting millions of people worldwide.These people share emotion feeling and memory via WhatsApp typed status and videos of thirty […]
April 11, 2020

Badmash WhatsApp groups links

Badmash is those naughty people.They have always engaged themselves through some activity so that they can influence people.in the acting, they harm various people.So these are […]
April 11, 2020

Kerala WhatsApp groups links

Kerala is a southwestern state of India. It is the wettest state if India because of the Malabar coast.The economy of Kerala state depends on three […]
April 11, 2020

News channels WhatsApp groups links

News channels are the biggest source of knowledge via television. The reporters collecting news about politics, sports, entertainment,international news.we can aware of our surrounding world with […]
April 11, 2020

Islamic WhatsApp group link

Islam is 2nd largest religion in the world by population and fast-growing religion in the world.Islam is the religion of peace and humanity. There are five […]