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January 30, 2020
What will be lose or profit on your niche,how do you understand that?
January 30, 2020
How to start Search engine business

The average person living in a modernized society is exposed to various pieces of information every single day. this whole information would equal the amount of information that a person living 100 years ago would have experienced in a year. The information displayed as newspaper headlines, websites, advertisements, text messages, traffic signs, slogans, and much more. it is not difficult to understand why the human being’s attention span is getting shorter. The majority of the people believe themselves to be busier than they have ever been. So how does one keep all of this information straight?

The amount of information that we sift through on daily basis, it is practically impossible to remember everything that we want to know e.g. dates, names, figures, phone numbers, email address and so on. Most of us have various type of tools that remember our information and will retrieve it on demand. We have different types of project manager for our jobs that help us to retrieve information. Likewise, when we want to find a product, service or a piece of information online, we use Search Engine.

According to Google, they recorded over one trillion searches performed each year. After the calculation it is estimated that there are three billion searches a day. So, you are not alone when it comes to searching useful information via search engine. Search engines have become an essential part of your daily life.

A search engine acts as a filter for a wealth of available information over the internet. search engines enable you to not only quickly, but also easily find the information which is of value or interest to you. we can say that the goal of a search engine is to provide the user with search results which lead to relevant information on websites. Search engines use algorithms to assess websites. There are multiple php search engine open source, video search engine script, as well as php search engine & crawler etc.

phpSearch – Search Engine Platform


PHP Search Engine


Search Engine & Crawler


GogooooSE – Superior Fulltext Search Engine Script


Panoticon – Your Own Search Engine – Plugin for WordPress

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